It has been a night tonight.  Kaylee is teething and was acting absolutely feral!  I tried everything, including turning on music on my phone to try to distract her, and me, from our misery!  It was a little hard to hear the music over the screaming, so I was totally wishing for some bose soundlink mobile 2 speakers so I could turn it up loud enough that maybe she would listen to it and forget to cry!  Seriously, though, I would use these things all the time since I’m constantly on the go with the kids!

All the kids around here are going back to school this week.  Joke’s on us because we still haven’t even finished last year!!  (We started our year in October and we do school year round)  We are getting back into the swing of things with going to the kids’ tae kwon do classes regularly, and attending home school group meetings.  Ava is starting to talk about doing dance classes with one of her friends, too.  Before I know it, I’ll be shopping for personalized dance duffles too!  Eeek!  This year is shaping up to be even busier than last year!

Ava is doing really well in her piano lessons and Kelvin is raring to go with starting his this fall.  I can’t help but think that before we know it, they’ll be asking to play other instruments as well.  And with four kids, that’s practically enough to start a band!  Who knows, we might blink and suddenly we’ll be shopping for guitars and accessories like vox ac15 ! I would love to learn to play the guitar, so one can hope, right?!

Our old dishwasher finally bit the dust.  And by old, I mean 3 years old.  It was kind of a lemon.

Anyway, LUCKILY, it waited until after Ava/Carter/Kaylee’s birthday party on Sunday to die.  Can you imagine the extra stress if it had died right before the party?

So we got to do some dishwasher shopping this week.  I had a few things that were non-negotiable…it had to have a sanitize setting, it had to have the controls on top instead of in front, it had to have drawer sliders ( read more here ) to keep glasses from tipping over and breaking when we push the shelves in, and it couldn’t be black.  We ended up finding a Bosch that we really liked that had even more bells and whistles than I was hoping for.

It was delivered today and Chad installed it, so here’s hoping that we love it!

I am almost constantly noticing all the motorcycles around us, whether we’re on the highway, driving around town, or in a parking lot.  Both of my boys are OBSESSED with motorcycles, so we spend a ton of time looking at them.  Kelvin keeps telling us he isn’t going to have a car when he grows up, he’s going to have a motorcycle!  Also, he was just telling me today that he’s going to be a “fixer-guy” when he grows up, so I wonder if those two interests will overlap?  If so, we might be in the market for quick motorcycle lift guide at Best Buy Auto sooner than we think!  It might give him a head-start on his path as an adult if he can have his own area to work on fixing motorcycles right in our own garage…so it’s definitely worth some thought!  For now, though, I think we’ll keep noticing motorcycles while we’re driving around in the mini-van!

Just the other day, Kelvin started learning about different types of instruments in school (woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings).  We learned about how most woodwinds have reeds and he seemed pretty interested to figure out what reeds are. Maybe someday we’ll be making sure he has plenty of Bb Rico Reed on hand so that he can practice his own woodwind instrument.  It will be interesting to see what kind of instrument he chooses to play someday!

All the public-schooled kids in our area are out of school now, so all the summer activities in our area are starting up.  Let me tell you, the kids are wishing we hadn’t taken quite so many breaks throughout the school year!

Right now, it definitely fits our lifestyle best to do school year round, though.  With teaching two different grade levels and wrangling a toddler and infant, we need the flexibility to be able to take breaks as we need them throughout the year.  Plus, we travel quite a bit which requires more time off.  It’s kind of nice to be able to take those trips and easily be able to take the time off from school.

We’re still able to take time off this summer for travel, camps and other activities, but we still have quite a bit of school to get done as well.

We are in the midst of piano lessons right now because I want the kids to have a good musical foundation by learning piano before anything else.  Once they know how to read music and play the piano well, I feel like any other instrument will come easily to them.  We’ll let them pick their own second/third/fourth instrument, but I really hope that at least one of them chooses the guitar.  I think it would be so fun for one of them to learn the yamaha acoustic guitar. Maybe I’ll get lucky and I can learn right along with them!

I am about to be in so much trouble!

This little lady is alllllmost mobile!  She scoots around on her butt…she isn’t very fast yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

And then my life as I know it is over.  I’ve never really had to babyproof very much.  Ava and Kelvin were so close in age that they were pretty much babies together.  We didn’t have tiny {choking hazard} toys floating around.  And Carter, with his oral aversions, never put anything in his mouth so I didn’t have to worry about him.

Kaylee is going to be a different story.  She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth and we have Lego’s and Polly Pockets and every other tiny toy imaginable floating around here!

That picture of her unloading the DVD shelf is only the beginning.  Life is about to get really interesting!

I’ve just barely started teaching Ava to play the piano, and already she and Kelvin are both begging me to start teaching them to play other instruments!  Add in Mr. Carter who runs around strumming his pretend guitar all the time, and I’m pretty sure we have a family band in the making!  I’m just glad we have an UNattached garage so that I’ll be able to send them and their instruments and their echo pedal and accessories out there so it won’t be quite so loud in the house!