Now that we’re back in a school routine, Ava and Kelvin are spending time every day practicing piano.  Little by little, I’m definitely seeing improvement.  Kelvin asked the other day if they’re ever going to learn to play something other than the piano.  I told him, I hope so!  It made me think I should probably start keeping an eye on musical instruments price , because you can never be too prepared!

I’m so excited that the kids are finally getting to a point in their piano lessons where they’re reading music well and I feel like we can start looking at other instruments soon.  It’s no secret that I hope one (or all!) of them will play the guitar.  I think it would be a blast to travel around with a little pack of guitar players and their Focusrite Scarlett audio interface!  I think I have one more year of piano, so I’d better start dropping hints about the guitar this year!

Ava is almost done with her second year of piano, and Kelvin is almost done with his first.  That means we’re inching towards them being able to pick out another instrument to play.  Which, in turn, means we’re inching towards thinking about guitars and diezel and all kinds of fun musician’s accessories!  As someone who has always loved guitar music, let me tell you…I can barely wait!

I just got done watching the season finale of The Willis Family.  That show totally makes me wish I had the kind of talent that they do to pass on to my kids!  I may know how to play the piano and flute, but I can sing and play millions of instruments and dance and do all the insanely talented things they can do!  Nonetheless, I’m still hoping that someday we will have need for Focusrite Saffire equipment in our own home studio for our kids’ music.  We’ll have to see what happens, I guess!

I can barely wait for the kids to get their acts in order with their piano lessons so they can move on to other instruments.  I visualize a one-family band.  It will be so fun to gather all the instruments and accessories such as a fluffer to make their music sound really amazing.  Who knows, maybe they could even be the next Willis Family (LOVE that show on TLC, by the way!).

I honestly don’t remember having such a trying week in a long time.  Nothing truly terrible has happened, but a bunch of inconvenient/bad/stressful things have attacked us all at once this week/month.  In addition, I’m fighting a bladder infection or something (my doctor and I are still going back and forth about what it is, but I got some antibiotics tonight, so yay for small victories!) and I have no motivation to do anything.

I’m really glad that tomorrow is Friday.  I’m hoping the antibiotics will have kicked in enough that I can get the grocery shopping done and be back on track to get back into our routine next week.  Hopefully all we need is a weekend, meds, and routine.  Oh, and lots of coffee of course!

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of living in the country on a farm.  Realistically, there is no way I could swing it.  I am the furthest thing from an outdoorsy person.  I am not who you would call to help you with your barn door equipment or your stable mucking!  The longer we live in the city, though, the more I love the idea of having land and a place to send the kids out to run off all their energy!

Does anyone else feel like February is just the month that will not end?  We breezed through the beginning of winter unscathed, but this month will be our undoing.

We have been on lockdown because we were exposed to whooping cough, and Kaylee now has a cough.  She’s been treated with antibiotics, but they’re disgusting and she pukes every time I give them to her.  Despite that, it seemed like she was getting better but today she definitely got worse.  It is still NOTHING like our whooping cough incident a few years ago (she doesn’t even whoop or anything, it’s just a “normal” cough), but because of not wanting to infect anyone else, we’ve been trapped in the house for about a month.

Add in other health issues, car issues, and CABIN FEVER, and I just don’t feel like February will ever end.  This week has definitely been the worst so far.  It’s Wednesday and we haven’t even finished Monday’s school yet.  We’ve had a TON of doctor appointments this week, but still.  My motivation is GONE.  🙁

Why do instruments have to be so expensive?  Since two of our kids are now playing the piano, I’m starting to think about their next musical steps.  I can’t believe the cost involved!  Lessons, instruments, music, accessories, etc.!  Whew!

One way to offset the cost a bit is to buy used instruments.  I hope one of the kids will play the guitar, so I especially have my eye on guitar center used . If I knew one would want to play it, I’d buy one now! LOL

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am so ready for spring!

It’s only the end of January, but it has already been a long winter.  We had my brother and his family visiting last week, which was awesome to break up the monotony, but now we’re back to the grind with school and business and everything else.  Just two more months until summer.  I can do that, right?!

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