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It’s understandable to want to be completely prepared for your new baby. There are a few baby items that you won’t need until your baby is a little older, though. If your budget is tight, wait to buy these products. This way you can save up to get what you really need and want!

Here are some products you can hold off on for a few months at least:

Childproofing Supplies

Newborns aren’t mobile, so it’s perfectly fine to put off purchasing outlet covers, baby gates, and cabinet locks. Be sure to revisit this when your baby is about 5-6 months old, however.

High Chair

Your newborn doesn’t need a high chair until it’s time for solid foods. Some families use a high chair for baby to sit near the table at mealtime. If you do this for your newborn, be sure the chair reclines completely.

Supplies for Solid Foods

Don’t worry about having feeding equipment until baby is ready for solid foods (about 6 months). Bibs might be useful, however, once the drooling phase begins.

Larger Sized Baby Clothes

If you run into bargains, it’s good to stock up on a few baby clothes items in larger sizes. Be careful about buying too many things, though. You may end up with too many outfits in sizes that don’t match the seasons.

Jogging Stroller or Umbrella Stroller

It’s recommended that babies under six months not ride in jogging or umbrella strollers due to lack of support.

Upright Activity Center

Newborns need to develop strength and torso control before they are ready for an upright activity center – usually around 4-6 months of age.

A Larger Car Seat

An infant carrier car seat should be useful for about a year or until your baby outgrows it by weight or height. Car seats are being updated often so its wise to wait to buy until you need this item.

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