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This Wednesday, Kelvin’s new bedroom set will be delivered!  He’s going to be getting a bunk bed, dresser and desk just like the ones Ava has.  I think we’re all really excited…Ava keeps asking Kelvin, “Are you excited about your bunk bed coming this week?”

The one dilemma is his bedding.  I already bought sheet sets for him, but he keeps changing his mind about the comforter he wants.  First it was Toy Story 3 and I would have bought it already but it was out of stock when I tried.  It’s a good thing because apparently he hasn’t made his mind up…today he told me he wants Cars!  So I really don’t know what we’ll end up with!

I’ll be sure to post pictures once we have everything set up….eventually.  I’ve been absolutely horrible about getting my pictures uploaded lately.  Once I finally get around to transferring them to the computers , there will be an avalanche of posts with pictures!

A couple weeks ago in my Menu Plan Monday, I listed Crazy Corn Dogs as one of the meals I was making that week.  Kelley posted a comment and asked what they were and I kind of forgot to respond wanted to wait until I made them to tell you about them.  Yeah, that’s it.

I finally made them last night (they got bumped back and few weeks) and the kids loved them!  Chad and I did too….they definitely are not an appetite suppressant , that’s for sure!

They’re based on this recipe, but I changed them a bit.

Basically, all you need is hot dogs (I used Hebrew National) and a tube of crescent roll dough.  The recipe said “cornbread twists”, but I couldn’t find those and they tasted fine with crescent rolls.  Cut the crescent roll dough into 8 strips (I cut them before I unrolled them and then unrolled each one individually).  Wrap a strip around the hot dog, place on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 for about 15 minutes.  So easy and yummy!

The only other change I made is that I didn’t make the dip.  That sounded really gross.  I did put out ketchup on the table, but everyone just ate them as they were and they tasted great.

Can you believe this crazy weather?!  On Wednesday it was in the 60’s and we were outside playing with no jackets.  Yesterday it dumped rain, sleet and 3 inches of snow on us.  This is just wrong.

I have no idea what the temperature is like right now, but I know that we’re staying in.  The kids have asked to go out and play a couple times and I’ve distracted them.  They’re still getting over these dumb colds and I think they’ll be well enough to go to church tomorrow if I get them to lay low and not run themselves down again today.  And believe me, we simply must get out of the house tomorrow.  My sanity and everyone else’s safety depends on it.

I may try to get them to play Kinect Adventures or Dance Central with me later though.  I’m sure they have some energy that needs burning and I’m sure I have some calories that need burning too (it’s either that or weight loss pills !).  I’m definitely glad we got the xbox last fall…that thing has been a lifesaver this winter while we’ve been cooped up in the house during snow days!

This week, the kids got a package in the mail from Chad’s mom and one of the things she sent was a Hermie & Friends Combo Pack.  I had never heard of Hermie before, but the kids absolutely love it.  They’ve been watching one every afternoon since we got it.

I love that it teaches them about God and moral values in a little more realistic way than Veggie Tales does.  We love Veggie Tales around here, but in my opinion, it really blurs the lines.  But the one thing that’s been kind of hard to explain is that God talks to the bugs in Hermie.  Ava looked at me and said, “Our God doesn’t talk!”  I fumbled my way through an explanation, but I’m sure it wasn’t a very good one.

The cutest thing Ava has picked up from Hermie is saying, “God is the King of the Bees!”  She walks around the house repeating that over and over.  She picked that up from the “Buzby the Misbehaving Bee” video.  It’s very cute, but totally gets old after awhile.  After hearing it about a bazillion times, I’d rather take herbal appetite suppressant than listen to her anymore! LOL

Overall, Hermie is definitely a hit in our house.  I’m definitely glad we were introduced to it!

I’ve lost count of how many colds and bugs we’ve gotten this year.  It seems like an awful lot.  Maybe it’s because the weather has fluctuated so much this year?  I have no idea.  But we are sick again this week.

Chad got it last week and the kids caught it from him this week and are snotty, boogery messes.  Thankfully, I’ve only gotten the sore throat and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to fight it off.  Actually, what will probably happen is that I’ll come down with the full-blown cold as soon as the kids are feeling better and have all their energy back.  Isn’t that always the way it goes?

One thing is for sure….we’d better all be feeling better by next week!  This week was kind of a dud anyway because we didn’t have many activities and weather has been cruddy.  But we will definitely be ready to get out of the house by next week.  If we can’t, send wrinkle cream stat!  I’ll need it!

It’s been awhile since I talked about how homeschooling is going, so I thought we were due for an update!

When we started the year, I intended to involve Kelvin in everything Ava was doing but he would have none of it.  He wasn’t interested so I didn’t push him.  But in the last couple weeks, he’s been wanting to try everything she does and he’s been doing awesome!  I’m really impressed.  I think this entire time, he’s been listening to what I’ve been teaching Ava, even though he’s busy playing Play-Doh or coloring and he’s picked up on a lot.  For instance, he’s been counting to 10 for awhile now and I never purposely taught him that.  I can’t even tell you how much time I spent teaching Ava how to count several years ago!

Ava is progressing really well too.  I can tell that I need to take advantage of her moods because when she’s feeling tired or grumpy, she doesn’t remember ANYTHING.  Usually we do school right after breakfast so that she’s full and wide awake.  She is already on the Letter M (we do one letter a week) and I’m thinking we’ll go straight to kindergarten work once she gets through the alphabet.  I can tell that some of the things we repeat each week with the different letters (color puzzles, size sorting, patterns, etc.) is getting really easy for her and I think she’s getting bored with it.  And once we’re done I’ll probably turn right around and start the whole preschool curriculum over with Kelvin!

I’ll have some pictures of some of their work to share soon.  I have been absolutely horrible about uploading and posting pictures this winter.  It’s really pathetic.  It probably won’t be this week though because we are all sick again (thankfully not a stomach thing this time, so no need for colonix ).

As I write this, my son and daughter are bathing in an entire tub full of clean water.  I know that clean water is one of those things that I completely take for granted.  It’s nothing to me to turn on the faucet and fill up a glass of clean water.

It seems like such a basic right and I forget that so many people don’t have that.  It’s hard to imagine that in other countries, there are children struggling to find just enough water to survive (clean or not). While we worry about trivial things like how to remove dark circles under eyes , they’re worried about when they’ll get another meal.

It’s so unfair.

Today Lovelyn introduced a project that is trying to supply clean water to a children’s prison (yes PRISON) in Uganda.

Go over and look at the pictures.  They’re heartbreaking.

This hits close to home for me because one of our sponsored children is in Uganda. This could easily have been him.

Can you be one of the 85 people to give $20 and give these imprisoned children clean water?

Please consider giving and please spread the word.

Chad has been sick for the last 4-5 days so he decided to stay home from church yesterday.  Ordinarily, the kids and I would have just stayed home as well.  But I figured I take them everywhere else by myself, why not church too?  It’s not like either of them are tiny babies anymore.  Plus, I’d already made a big crock pot of homemade macaroni and cheese and 4 dozen oatmeal cookies for the potluck and I did not want to try eating all that ourselves!  LOL

Even with the little pep talks I gave myself, I was still nervous.  Mostly about the drive, though.  It’s 1 hour and 15 minutes and a lot can go wrong in that amount of time!  Especially when the kids are eating their breakfasts in the car!  But the drive ended up being fairly non-eventful (other than Ava whining about being itchy, which she always does on the way to church).

Kelvin ended up throwing me for a loop once we got to church, but it wasn’t anything that I could have handled differently if Chad had been there.  First, I took him to change his diaper before church started and it was still dry.  So I put him on the toilet, forgetting that was wearing a onesie.  You guessed it…onesie in the toilet water.  So I had to strip him and take the onesie off and them redress him (also note that he did not pee when I had him on the potty).  But that wasn’t the end of it!  A little while later, he peed so much that it leaked out of his diaper and all over his church pants!  I never pack changes of clothes for normal church days anymore because his diapers never leak.  That must have been a massive pee!  So his church pants were completely useless and he’s just lucky he has cute cloth diapers, because he ran around the rest of the day in his church shirt, diaper, socks and shoes!

But that was the only nasty part of the day.  Even the potluck went fine because people helped me a lot with getting the kids’ plates filled and stuff.  And as soon as I got them in the car and we started home, they fell asleep!  It was awesome having an hour all to myself with no little voices asking for anything!  Since they don’t nap at home anymore, those hours are few and far between!

When we got home, Chad seemed like he was feeling quite a bit better, although he had been very bored without us!  Almost bored enough to look for Men’s white gold wedding bands online, even though he already has one!  LOL

Before I forget, this conversation between my mom and me this morning absolutely must be recorded for posterity. That’s right, instead of passing on secrets about best back acne treatment , I’m passing on hilarious conversations! LOL

We were discussing how my brother and sister-in-law just bought a new headboard and footboard…

Me: We don’t have a headboard and footboard yet. I want a headboard someday, but not a footboard. I absolutely have to sleep with my feet hanging off the end of the bed.
Mom: What? Aren’t you afraid something’s going to grab them?
Me: You mean the monster under the bed? No, because I’m not a 5-year-old girl.
Mom: Well, I can’t sleep with anything hanging off the bed because something might grab it.
Me: You did not just say that.
Mom: So how do you even do that? Isn’t the sheet tucked in?
Me: Not on my side of the bed.
Mom: You are so weird!
Me: I’m so weird?!

Sometimes I really wish I could have a audio monitors on the kids 24/7.  Can you imagine the hilarious things I’d capture?  Today I happened to overhear Ava tell Kelvin something that I’ve been laughing about ever since…

We were in a hurry at lunchtime.  We’ve had beautiful weather and they said they wanted to eat outside at their picnic table, so I let them.  It didn’t take long to figure out that there was very little eating going on, and a whole lot of getting their hands dirty instead!  So I had them come inside and eat, which they weren’t too happy about.  There were several mini-meltdowns.

We needed to be out the door within 10 minutes, so Chad and I were both trying to keep them focused on eating and it wasn’t going so well.  Finally I said, “Forget it.  I’m going to finish packing the diaper bag.”  I walked into the kitchen and heard Ava tell Kelvin, “I don’t understand what their problems is.”

And no, there are no typos in that sentence.  That’s exactly the way she said it.  That girl is something else!

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