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Right after I got my Eureka Steam Mop, I posted a review about it.  Even though I’d only had it for about a week, I was already in love with it and that hasn’t changed!  It’s awesome for cleaning all the messes that the kids make and track all over the house (luckily we don’t have an outdoor firepit or I’m sure they’d be tracking crud from that into the house all the time). But I love this steam mop more now than when I got it!  Why?

It all has to do with adding a puppy to our family.  An un-housebroken puppy.  A puppy who pees on the floor at least once a day and was pooping all over the place when she had an intestinal parasite (we got her from the shelter).

I used to run the steam mop every other week and I felt like the floor was clean.  Now I run it at least twice a week, sometimes more.  Even though I disinfect the spots that she has accidents, I still don’t feel like the floor is really clean until I steam mop.

So if I hadn’t already bought this steam mop, I definitely would be buying it now!  One of the best investments I’ve ever made!

Now that the birthday parties and Holy Days have past, it’s time to get back into our routine.  I’m not going to lie to you….we’ve taken a MONTH off of school.  A MONTH.  We’ve still been doing educational activities and reading lots of books from the library, but with everything else going on, I couldn’t do all the hours of planning and prep work that I typically do for our preschool units.

So needless to say, we’re schooling through the summer!  Which is fine by me.  We’ll probably take a more relaxed approach to scheduling to allow for swimming lessons, home improvement projects (like replacing custom plantation shutters ), trips to visit family and other fun summer activities.  But it will be nice to have something to structure the days that we don’t have other things going on.

My other major homeschooling project for this summer is figuring out what we’re doing for kindergarten in the fall!  I honestly have no idea.  There are so many options and I’m lost.  I know there’s a virtual school available for Kansas residents that I’ve heard awesome things about.  Plus, it’s FREE!  But I’m concerned about the content for things like creation vs evolution (I haven’t looked into it yet, but that’s my major concern right now).  I know my sister-in-laws seem to love the Calvert system, but that’s pricey, especially for kindergarten.  And my mom loves the Bob Jones University Kindergarten program.  And then there are hundreds of programs I haven’t even looked into yet!  It’s enough to make anyone’s head swim!

If you have a homeschooling system that you love for kindergarten, please leave me a comment about it.  I’d love to hear about it!


The last month or so around here has just been a whirlwind.  And it isn’t over yet!  Honestly, I’m not really expecting life to settle down until around the middle of July.  And even then, who am I kidding?  The only things that are consistent in my life are stress and total chaos!

But the middle of July is about as far as I can see right now and I have big things back-to-back until then.  Big dinner parties, MOMS Club banquets, baby showers (attending, not planning….but we still have a long trip to get there), business conferences.  You name it, I probably have to deal with  it in the next few months.

And oh yes, for some reason we decided it would be a good idea to add a puppy to this chaos.  We’ve had her for a couple weeks now and she’s the best little puppy ever.  She’s well-behaved, awesome with the kids and not wild at all.  And she only chews on her toys, not our stuff (I would not be a happy camper if she chewed up my Cell phone accessories or something!).  But we got her from the shelter and she’s had some major health problems.  Parasites and kennel cough that blew up into pneumonia, to be specific.  So we’ve been making lots of vet visits and forcing tons of medication down her little puppy-throat.  It’s been crazy.

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