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For awhile, I’ve been really wanting to buy a laptop.  With two very active kids who don’t nap, I barely ever have time to sit at the computer upstairs.  And when I do, it’s to do business stuff or pay bills.  A laptop would solve a lot of problems and maybe finally I would be able to keep up with my blogs the way I want to.  Probably not during the day, but at least I could skim through my Google Reader and look for preschool activity ideas while Chad and I were watching TV on the lcd tv mounts at night after the kids go to bed.  I was having a hard time justifying it, though, since my desktop still works just fine.

Enter….Chad!  He has a laptop that he never uses anymore because he uses his desktop.  It needed a few minor repairs, but he spent several hours working on it and now I have a laptop!  Not brand new, but considerably cheaper….and for what I want to use it for, it’s more than sufficient!

I’m very excited and looking forward to being a little more connected to the online world!

This was the first year that I’ve actually prepared in advance for Chad for Father’s Day.  Pathetic, isn’t it?  We’ve always done something special, but it was more spur-of-the-moment.  A few weeks ago, Chad picked out a new TV as his Father’s day gift (no Momentum M1 Watch , apparently! LOL).  Last week, the kids and I made a Happy Father’s Day banner, a footprint wallhanging project (more about that in a future post), and special decorations.  We planned to make him blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon for breakfast, spend the day at the pool, and have chicken pot pie (one of his favorites) for dinner.

Let me tell you a little something about plans…

Everything went off great at first.  The kids and I got up and got the decorations put up and breakfast made.  It all started unraveling once Chad got up and the kids showed him everything we made.  The first thing he noticed was a brown recluse spider on the banner.  Talk about freaky!!!  I’d just hung that thing up and the kids had been helping me!  Plus, I just had someone out to spray the inside and outside of the house for spiders and bugs.  There is no reason that thing should have been in the house and it’s the first one we’ve ever seen.

But the “excitement” didn’t end there.  After breakfast, Kelvin decided to send his ride-on motorcycle down the stairs (luckily it was riderless).  This put two nice-size holes in the wall.  So Chad started fixing those and eventually he lost his mind and started spackling all of the cracks in the house and getting ready to paint half the house.

While the spackle was drying, we walked to the park and had a picnic lunch.  We ended up staying for 2 hours even though it was so hot!  I’m glad we decided to do this little impromptu trip, because we never did make it to the pool.  Everyone was really wiped out when we got home.

And to top it all off, the chicken pot pie turned out weird.  I’m not exactly sure what was wrong.  It was a new recipe and it just didn’t taste like my old recipe.  Chad liked it, though, so I guess that’s what matters!

So there’s what I needed to tell you about plans.  It’s funny that nearly everything turned out differently than I’d planned, but somehow it still feels like it was the perfect day!  <3



One of the nights when we were up in Wisconsin a few weeks ago, Ava was having a hard time getting to sleep.  My grandma went in to check on her and when she left the room, she blew Ava a kiss.  When I went in a few minutes later, Ava said, “What’s this? *demonstrated blowing a kiss* “That’s just kissing yourself!”

She definitely keeps us laughing….and on our toes!  I certainly don’t need any lipozene when I’m trying to keep up with her all day!

Last month, we visited the Deanna Rose Farmstead in Kansas City.  We went with our MOMS Club friends, but we plan to go back later this year with Chad.  It would be a very fun family day!

This was our first time there and I expected it to be more like a farm, but it was actually like a huge petting zoo with farm animals.

Crawling under the wagon (he was chasing a goose).

Inside the Indian tepee.

Pony rides!

Feeding the baby goats bottles of milk!

They also had tons of other fun things to do.  For hands-on things, they also had fishing and mining.  And they had a dairy barn, playgrounds, and a lot more animals!  We can’t wait to go back!


I looked at the calendar today and realized that summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21.  Well, I don’t know who came up with that dumb rule, but at our house, summer is HERE!

We’ve been setting up either the pool or Slip n Slide in the backyard every afternoon, eating watermelon and popsicles and ice cream, visiting the farmer’s market and taking advantage of all the fun summer programs our city has to offer.  We have a Discovery Center that just opened a few days ago, a zoo and park and pool very closeby, and a library with activities for children every day of the week!  I’m really glad we have memberships to all of those places that cost money….otherwise we’d have to Sell Gold to pay for going to those places as often as we plan to!

Chad and I sat down today and started a list of all the things we want to do as a family this summer.  Too often, we have ideas to do fun things and put them off until a more convenient time and then forget about them.  This year, we’re writing them down and we’re going to have a blast this summer!  I’ll share more about our list next week.

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