I have not blogged in a long time. I really miss it, but I’ve been so busy. A few weeks ago, we lost one of our biggest accounts. It’s temporary and we will be getting the account back in a few months, but it really threw us for a loop. We’d become pretty accustomed to our lifestyle, so I took the plunge and became a Work-At-Home-Mom. You know, in my spare time. I just kind of squeezed it around the parenting, the household chores, the homeschooling, the MOMS Club responsibilities and everything else. So some things have slipped through the cracks.  Like blogging.

Since I became a mom, I’ve always done some work from home. Mainly blogging. But I took my writing to a whole new level these last few weeks. I began writing for Demand Studios on a regular basis. I’d written for them before, but only casually. Lately, I’ve been making $60 or more a day, so that’s definitely not casual. LOL

A lot has changed these last few weeks. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed:

  1. I’ve relaxed my standards for the housecleaning. Not that our house is filthy now (or that it was perfect before), but I’m not nearly as anal as I was before. I haven’t steam mopped in a few weeks. The beds only get made when I change the sheets once a week. Once in awhile, there are two days’ worth of dishes sitting in the sink (eek!). And you know what? Life goes on. The sun is still rising and setting. Imagine that!
  2. I guard my time with the kids more strictly. Before I started writing, I didn’t have any problem with leaving a game of Mr. Potato Head for a few minutes to throw the laundry in the dryer. I am determined not to let my writing interfere with how much attention the kids get from me, so nothing gets in the way of my time with the kids now.
  3. The kids can entertain themselves for a little while. I’m equally as determined not to use the TV as a babysitter (any more than I did before, anyway). I usually write when the kids normally would have been watching TV or after they go to bed. But sometimes I don’t get my writing done when I need to and end up having to write when they’re awake. The other afternoon, they spent two hours playing nicely in Ava’s room together!  I have never seen them do that before.
  4. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and that’s OK. We have a routine for each day and if we follow it, everything gets done without me writing at 1:00 am. But at least half the days, something goes awry and I’ve learned just to roll with it. I’ve been getting a LOT of lessons about rolling with the punches lately. Hold the sport trophies …Sometimes I’m good at it, other times I’m not.

That’s all for now. I’ve only been at this a few weeks, so I’m sure I still have plenty to learn.

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