Have I mentioned that I don’t like this time of year? I seem to have done a complete 180 from what I used to be before I had kids. Fall used to be my favorite season and I’d much rather have winter than summer. Now spring is my favorite and I absolutely detest winter. If it could be summer year-round, that would be fine with me.

We’re only a few days into our first cold spell of the fall and the kids are already sick. We had them at Urgent Care this afternoon with nasty coughs that they’ve had for over a week. So we’re back to nebulizer treatments several times a day and buying stock in Vicks Vapo Rub. And if this year is anything like past years, this is just a taste of what’s to come. Usually my kids can’t go more than a few weeks without picking up another bug in the winter time. Fabulous.

I’ve also been in denial about when it’s going to get cold. I kept thinking I had plenty of time to start buying the kids’ fall and winter clothes. Now that it’s been too cold to even open the windows the last few days, I’ve been snapped out of my denial. So I ended up dropping a load of cash on clothes online last night and I’m still not done. Fun times. I may wait for Black Friday sales to finish up some of it.

So I can’t deny that Fall is here anymore. But I can still hope for more warm weather!  After all, it’s only the middle of September!


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