I am having one of those weeks where I feel like the only things in my life that are consistent are stress and utter chaos.

I have sooooooo much to do.  Seriously, if I didn’t make a list, I’d never get it all done.  And my list is so long I feel sure there must be non-essential things like researching medical air evacuation , but I’m not that lucky. I really have to do all of it.

My grandparents are coming to visit next week, so I’m putting off nearly all of Kelvin’s birthday party prep until they’re here.  I’m hoping to get some help with it, or at least some help with the kids while I work on it.  They’re awesome like that.

But before they get here, I need to finish up my writing for the week (a Holy Day yesterday put a cramp in it, but I’m just about done), go grocery shopping, run errands, bring a dinner to a mom in MOMS Club, go to church tomorrow, do statements, do taxes, and get the house reasonably clean.  Did I mention I have about 48 hours to do all that?  Do you see why I’m almost crazy?  I’m not even worrying about getting close to perfection with the house.  I’m just going to clean the bathrooms (they need it….desperately), sweep and the change the sheets on the bed they will be sleeping in.  And that is as good as it’s going to get.

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