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Right now we are in the thick of getting ready to leave for Wisconsin tonight.  I always thought packing would be easier once the kids weren’t babies anymore.  I thought it wouldn’t take me so long because I wouldn’t have to stop every 2 seconds, and I’d also have a lot less stuff to bring.  Boy, was I wrong!

Because now they want to get in on the action.  While I’m packing clothes, such as graphic tees and pants, they are filling the bags with every stuffed animal they own, seashells, and more stuff that I know they won’t touch the entire time we’re gone!  I need to get them busy with something and go UNpack now!

One day while we were in St. Augustine, we went to the alligator farm they have there.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect and hoped we weren’t wasting our money, because it was very expensive to get in!

It turned out we definitely did not waste our money.  In addition to “normal” alligators and crocodiles, they had a lot of exotic types, as well as snakes and other reptiles.

Albino alligators (I think they could have used a tantowel LOL )

The kids looking at all the crocodiles.  There were at least 25+ just in this area

Don’t try this at home

We got to feed these ones

In the end we were very glad we went and got to see all those animals and we would highly recommend it!

It can be difficult to come up with ideas for baby shower gifts, especially if the expectant couple already has a lot of baby items or has had multiple baby showers.  Many people opt for gift cards to avoid having their gift returned or exchanged.  But if you create and order personalized baby shower gifts you never have to worry about the expectant parents not needing your gift.  Since it will stand out, they will always remember who gave it to them, as well.

For me, one of the coolest things we saw in St. Augustine was the lighthouse.  I love lighthouses and I have our entire breakfast nook and downstairs bathroom decorated with them.  So when I saw the lighthouse, of course I wanted to climb to the top!

Unfortunately, when we got there, we found out that the kids were too short to climb it.  I never even thought of them having a height limit, but they did.  So we had to settle for buying a lighthouse coffee cup and just looking at it.  No way was I climbing it all by myself…I’m afraid of heights!

Last month we went on our second trip to Florida.  Like last year, we left in the late afternoon after Chad was finished working.  Since it’s a 20+ hour drive, we always end up driving through the night, which is not a blast.  Especially since we always end up driving through the mountains in the middle of the night.  And I always end up being the one driving.  The mountains aren’t even that bad…it’s a little mountain pass, but my anxiety always kicks into high gear driving down the mountain pass.  I feel like I’m on lapel pins and needles the entire time (haha).

This year was a bit more challenging than last year because Kelvin had just started potty-training.  So we had to stop every hour or two, even through the night.  It was frustrating to have to unload everyone, take everyone into the bathroom and then get everyone buckled up again.  It took at least 20 minutes each time we stopped.  So I guess it just gave us extra time to stretch our legs.  Looking on the bright side!

In the morning we stopped at a Cracker Barrel in Georgia for breakfast.  It’s funny because we always eat at Cracker Barrel on vacation, but never at home even though we have one about five miles from us!  It’s vacation food, I guess.  I doubt fried okra would be as good if I had it all the time.

The nice thing about making the potty stops during the day was that we could stop at rest stops instead of gas stations and let the kids run around a bit.  Chad usually did some stretching with them, too.  You’d think it would make it easier to get them back in the van, but once they taste freedom, it’s all over!

Ava running.

Kelvin collecting pine cones.


We finally got to St. Augustine around mid-afternoon.  It took us several hours to unload the van and get everything put away in our condo the way we wanted it.  Then we put on our swimsuits and headed straight to the beach!  Unfortunately, the water was pretty chilly, but we built a huge sand castle that I don’t have a picture of because I didn’t want to risk my camera or phone getting wet.

After that, we ate at a teeny-tiny, very authentic Italian restaurant.  Chad tried some weird meat that had an entire hard-boiled egg in the middle and spaghetti sauce on top.  It was a cute little place, but a little too authentic for us!

Once we had eaten, we headed back to the condo to go straight to bed.  After only getting 3 broken-up hours of sleep the night before, I was very ready!


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