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After a full day at Magic Kingdom, we got up early again to head to Hollywood Studios.  Prior to this year, Magic Kingdom was the only Disney park I had been to, so everything from this point forward was brand new for me and the kids!

At the entrance, we were greeted by Lightning McQueen and Mater.  I love what they do with the bushes at the parks!

Our view as we walked into the park.

The kids loved the talking, interactive Mr. Potato Head while we waited to ride Toy Story Mania.  By the way, before we went, my friend told us to go straight to the Toy Story Mania ride, get a fast pass and then get in line right away.  That way you get to ride it twice (you’ll want to) and the fast passes won’t be gone.  Definitely do that if you go!

Kelvin with the, uh, thing.  No idea what this is, but I think it has something to do with Star Wars.  It was outside the Star Wars ride, anyway.

The “Honey, I Shrunk the Kid” area was a definite favorite.

We went on a behind-the-scenes tour and one of the things we got to see was the Disney World water tower.

The “skyline”

Meeting Mike.  Sully was on a bathroom break.

The family with Buzz and Woody.

Ava with an army man.

The family with Phineas and Ferb.  Oh man, this was the highlight of the day for the kids!

The kids with Lightning McQueen and Mater.

In between meeting all the characters, we got to go on a lot of rides, too.  Tower of Terror was one of them.  Ava went on it with me first (I will never go on that again, by the way!) and was totally freaked out, but didn’t want Chad to go by himself so she went again with him.  She’s way nicer than I am.  He said she was narrating what was going to happen the entire time.  Poor kid!  If she were a nervous eyelash puller like some people I know, she would have needed eyelash growth products after that experience!

We ended the night by watching the Fantasmic show.  It was awesome, but very hard to get pictures of.  This is the only decent one I got towards the end.

Next up…Epcot!

Our first stop when we got to Orlando was Magic Kingdom.  We were only planning to stay for 3 days and get a park-hopper ticket for one day so we could still see all four parks.  However, the ticket lady told us that it was only $11 more per person to go for 4 days instead of 3.  That was a no-brainer….park-hopper passes are expensive!

On the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom

On Main Street in front of Cinderella’s Castle

Meeting Stitch.  We met a lot more characters this time because we had four days instead of just one.

With Chip and Dale (or Chip and Dip, as Kelvin calls them)

Daddy and Ava riding horses on the carousel

Kelvin on the carousel

Sword in the Stone

Meeting Rosetta

Meeting Tinkerbell

It’s a Small World

After a day full of rides (only a few of which are pictured….the lines weren’t bad at all) and meeting characters, it was time to have dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  This is something I had really wanted to do with the kids, but the cost took us back a little.  It was $200 for all of us and I was really hoping it would be worth it.  Chad and I both agreed that it definitely was.  The food was really good (at a normal restaurant, that type of food probably still would have been $100 for how much we got) and the kids got one-on-one time with the princesses, plus other bonuses that you’ll see in a minute.

First we went to the lobby so Cinderella could greet us and welcome her to her castle.  There were a few fun details while we waited in line.

The windows

The picture is a little blurry, but Jacque and Gus were up near the ceiling

We got a picture of the kids with Cinderella, then got a family one done by a professional.  We got several prints and a frame, all included in the cost of the meal.

Then we went upstairs to eat dinner.  This is the view from above of the room where Cinderella greets her guests.

Seated at our Royal Table

Ava with her Royal Invitation and her wand (complimentary with the meal)

Kelvin with his Royal Invitation and his sword (also complimentary)

The first princess out was Snow White

Kelvin got a kiss on the cheek from Snow White

Sleeping Beauty was the next princess

Kelvin got a kiss on the cheek from Sleeping Beauty, too

The next princess was Belle.  Kelvin wanted a kiss from her, too, but she was *ahem* lame and just blew him one.

Ariel was the last princess to come out.  Please note Kelvin’s bulging cheeks in this picture.  He had just shoved a humungous bite of roast beef into his mouth.

Kelvin almost didn’t get a kiss from Ariel, because as he was going over to her, he started gagging on his huge bite.  She told him, “Maybe next time”, but he swallowed it and insisted on a kiss anyway.  Poor Ariel leaned down to kiss him on the forehead, but he kept raising his face up so she would get him on the lips.  LOL  You can barely see the lipstick mark here, but she did manage to get his forehead

And the food!  There were several choices, but we all chose roast beef. This was my plate.

This was what the kids’ plates looked like.  There was cheese and grapes in the bowl on the right, but they ate those while we ate our salads before the rest of the food came out.

For dessert, Chad got cheesecake and I got a sampler of three different desserts (didn’t get a picture of those).  The kids got to choose and decorate either a cupcake or ice cream.  Kelvin chose a cupcake.  All of the sprinkles were already on the cupcake instead of in the bowl by the time I took this picture.

Ava chose ice cream.  She had the same decorations as Kelvin, but hers were already on her ice cream.

As we were leaving the castle, there was a parade going and the kids got to dance with Woody, Jessie, Lumiere, Baloo, Sebastian, and several other characters.

The kids in front of the castle

The castle as we were leaving on the ferry

I was a little disappointed that we had to leave early this time.  Last time, we were able to stay until 10 and see the parade and fireworks.  This time, they had Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and kicked everyone out at 7.  Oh well, I’m just glad we got to see it once, and I’m sure we’ll see it again.

So we went back to our hotel room and got ready to go to Hollywood Studios the next day…

After being down for over a week, my blog is finally back!  I am so glad my mom handled everything, because when it comes to internet stuff, I’m lucky to be able to put pictures in my posts.  For being part of a generation that is supposedly so technologically advanced, I get overwhelmed very quickly when it comes to anything with buttons or a touchscreen.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even be able to put up new pictures of the kids in my header, so I’m glad my mom did that too!

Now I can continue the posts about our trip to Florida in *ahem* October.  Let’s just ignore the fact that it’s almost January, okay?

During the Feast, we spent a day in historic downtown St. Augustine.  It was really pretty down there….not as pretty as locations for st lucia weddings , but there was a lot of neat architecture and historical spots to see.

We tried to go to the old fort first, but there was no parking.  So we went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Someone wasn’t too excited about standing next to the skeleton pirates.

Outside the museum, there was a lady doing airbrushed tattoos.  I got this one and Chad got one on his upper arm that we somehow never got a picture of.

After the museum, we walked over to the fort.  We only had 15 minutes to look around before they closed for the night.

Afterward, we went on an hour-long horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown St. Augustine.  The driver dropped us off at a restaurant where we were meeting friends for dinner.  It was a very full, but very fun day!

I still have more posts to write about our trip to Florida (I know, it’s taking me FOREVER, even with laptops notebooks), but I wanted to take a break for a big announcement….

Baby #3 will be joining us around June 27, 2012!

Ironically, this is totally related to my Feast in Florida posts because we found out on the 5th day of the Feast.

As soon as we got home, I got my numbers checked and they were GREAT.  We actually thought we might be having twins for awhile because my numbers were so high and were doubling so quickly.  But after two ultrasounds, we know there’s just one!  I’m glad we know for sure, because with how quickly I’m getting a baby belly, I would still think there was more than one in there!  I’ll be posting belly pictures soon!

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