I spent nearly the entire month of May freezer cooking to be prepared for Baby #3’s arrival.  He’s due at the end of June and I knew that even when I only had one and two kids, meal prep was the hardest thing for me to fit back into my routine.  So I wanted to be more prepared this time….I have a chest freezer and it’s filled to the gills!

It took an entire month mainly because I just doubled or tripled what we were already eating.  It’s too hard to find big chunks of time to cook when I have two busy preschoolers who need me.  Plus, we were trying to take advantage of the nice spring weather….even if we had swing sets richmond va , I wouldn’t want them outside playing by themselves.

So here’s what I made:

3 gallon bags of waffles
7 meals of cinnamon rolls
4 meals of baked oatmeal
1 gallon bag of pancakes
20 meals of muffins (zucchini, banana, pumpkin and blueberry)
3 gallon bags of pizza pockets
2 gallon bags of turkey and cheese pockets
2 gallon bags of brown bag burritos
4 meals of corn dog muffins
12 dozen chocolate chip cookies (unbaked)
3 lasagnas
3 baked sausage stews
3 chili’s
3 white chili’s
3 enchilada lasagna’s
5 Italian Shells meals
4 baked ziti’s
1 wild rice soup
3 cowboy pies
9 meals of cornbread
12 meals of garlic breadsticks
13 meals of dinner rolls

So basically, I have 28 casseroles (with a type of bread to accompany each meal), probably about 13 meals of pockets, burritos and corn dogs, and probably about 43 breakfasts.  Plus the 12 dozen cookies.  I think we’re set….now I just need this baby to get here so I can start eating all of this!


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