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Carter is 12 weeks old today!  Officially, I guess he’s not a newborn anymore now, but I’m choosing to remain in denial about that.

I love the shirt he’s wearing in this picture, but I wish I could add the words, “Hold my head!”  He’s good at holding his head, but he still doesn’t have perfect head control and his head bobs around when his neck gets tired.  But since he’s so big, people assume he’s older and they don’t hold his head.  Another one of my pet peeves, but that’s why this shirt is perfect for him!

On Thursday, he weighed 16 pounds exactly.  Little man will be in 9 month clothes before I know it! *sniff*

He is giggling ALL THE TIME now!  Especially when I play pat-a-cake with him.  He just loves it!  I’m still trying to get it on video.  Every time I have Chad video it, Carter gets distracted looking at the camera and doesn’t pay attention to me!

Anyway, I’m off to take advantage of his naptime.  I only have a million and one things to do this week to get ready to go to Branson next week.  I’m almost done getting church stuff together (I just got a bunch of new things for the kids’ backpacks and if I had been thinking ahead, I could have gotten a briefcase from to keep our Bibles and notebooks and stuff in!).  But I still have lots of work to do on packing clothes and snacks and toiletries!

When we were in Wisconsin, my sister-in-law took our first picture as a family of 5!

Last week, we also got professional family pictures taken, which I’ll share soon-ish.  Have I mentioned how crazy life is right now?  I haven’t?  Well, it is.  We’re getting ready to go to Branson next week and the timing is a bit less than optimal, as far as business stuff goes.  I’m working like a crazy person trying to get business stuff done and household stuff and trying to get ready for the trip!  So anyway….the professional pictures will be up soon-ish!

We started school on Monday, September 12 this year.  I wanted to start earlier, but with our visit to Wisconsin, that just didn’t happen.  Better late than never, right?

Ava is doing My Father’s World Kingergarten this year.  We are still on the “foundations” unit, but so far it seems really easy for her.  I hope it gets a bit more challenging or she might get bored with it.  We are also doing “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”, which may be just the challenge she needs!  At reading time, she is a bit…difficult, shall we say?  Some days, I would honestly rather repair leather couch than keep her on task with her reading. We are powering through, though!

For the first few weeks, Kelvin is doing MFW with Ava.  For now, he’s keeping up really well, so we may continue with that.  It would be awesome to be able to just teach them both the same curriculum!  If he starts to fall behind, though, we’ll be using a 4-year-old Kindergarten program that I used with Ava.  He is also doing “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”.

And Carter is running the show!  For the most part, he’s good during school time, but sometimes he’s a bit distracting.  I frequently have to pull older kids away from cooing at him to get back to their coloring!

Chad’s birthday was a few weeks ago.  He honestly didn’t need/want anything right now, so the kids and I went shopping for “disposable” gifts that would clutter up the house with things he wouldn’t need or use.  We got Pringles, tapioca pudding, wasabi peas, yogurt covered pretzels, peanut M&M’s, and beef sausage.  Unfortunately, in the days after he opened them, the kids ended up eating at least half of each of them.  Except the wasabi peas.  Kelvin ate a few and Ava wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole!

Anyway, I think he had a good birthday, even though half his presents got devoured on him.  Happy 27th birthday Chad!

For the last few months, Kelvin has been absolutely obsessed with Spiderman.  He’s constantly dressing up as Spiderman (and gets mad when I won’t let him to go church like that) and convinces everyone that his name is Peter Parker.  It’s so bad that he had his whole swimming lessons class convinced that his name was Peter Parker…and when they would call across the pool for him, they couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t listen!  What I’m wondering is why they let him in the class when there was no Peter Parker on their roster!

P.S. Ignore the ridiculous baskets of clean laundry in the background.  Laundry is super-hard to keep up on with a newborn!

Over the summer, Ava and Kelvin took a gymnastics class at a community center.  They really enjoyed it, so I’m considering putting them in classes at a “real” gymnastics place this winter.  I enjoyed it, too, because it gave them something to do to burn energy that didn’t involve me being outside in the heat with a newborn!

I’m sure Kelvin irritated his teachers, though, because he thought it was hilarious to fall on purpose.  He would fall off the balance beam even though they were doing everything they could to hold him on it.  And he would flop on his back and take forever to get up when he did somersaults.  Oh well, at least someone thought it was funny!

I am so thrilled with how Ava and Kelvin have adjusted to having a new baby in the house.  I was a little worried, especially since Kelvin had been the baby for so long.  I shouldn’t have been concerned…there has literally been NO jealousy at all and they just want to hold him all day long!

Ava has been showing a little bit of…regression?  Not sure if that’s the right word to describe it, but she’s become a lot less independent.  She’s always asking me to do things for her that I know she knows how to do for herself.  All kinds of things like making her bed (she doesn’t have pink camo bedding , but it sure is pink and has princesses on it!), drawing shapes, coloring, cleaning up her toys, etc.  I’m sure she just wants more attention now that I’m focusing on the baby more, but I’m not sure how to react to it.  Help her even though she can do it herself so that she doesn’t get jealous?  Or make her do it herself and give her extra attention in other activities?

How is it that my little bean will only be a newborn for one more week?!  Obviously, he hasn’t been newborn-size in a long time, but I’ve enjoyed knowing that he IS a newborn, even if he doesn’t look like one.  Honestly, one of my pet peeves is when people see how big he is and say, “Aw, he isn’t a baby anymore!”  Um, yes he is.  He’s ELEVEN weeks old.  I still change 15+ diapers a day, get up with him throughout the night, and hold him all day long.  He most certainly is still a baby.


Last week he weighed 15 pounds, 6 ounces.  So he has slowed down a tiny bit, but not much.  I’m getting him weighed again on Thursday.

The little dude has started TEETHING!  He is drooling everywhere and chewing on his hands, bibs, shirts and blankets (he still doesn’t hold toys, or I’m sure he’d be chewing on those too).  I know it’s going to be a long road, because he’s not even three months yet…he’ll probably be teething for the next few months before we see any teeth pop through.

He has started laughing on a regular basis this week!  He laughed when we were in WI, and then didn’t do it again until this week.  For some reason, he thinks it’s HILARIOUS when I take his arms out of his clothes!  LOL

A couple of weeks ago, we made our first trip to Wisconsin with Carter.  He did amazingly well.  The trip up was awesome…we only had to stop two times (during a 10 hour drive) to feed and change him.  We were driving at night, though, so he slept most of the time.  The drive back wasn’t as great because we drove during the day, but it still wasn’t even nearly as bad as the first few trips were with the other two kids.  And he wasn’t nearly as messy as they are either….I honestly think we need something like ford f150 seat covers for the two of them in the car!

The best part of the trip was introducing Carter to a lot of family that hadn’t met him yet.  I haven’t gotten pictures off my camera yet, but here are some pictures I had on my phone.

Carter with “Grandma With The Kids”

Carter with Aunt Rachel:

Carter with Uncle Daniel:

Carter with Grandma with the Kitties:

Carter napping with his cousin Josie:

4 generations

Carter with Grandpa with the Kitties:


I got Carter weighed yesterday and he has slowed down a bit (finally!).  For awhile, he was gaining 8 ounces every 7 days…so, a bit over an ounce a day.  On Tuesday, he weighed 15 pounds, 6 ounces so he had gained 13 ounces in 15 days.  Like I said, he slowed down a BIT…not much!

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