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This was Ava’s first year that she was old enough to be in the children’s choir at the Feast.  I wish the songs would have been a bit easier, but don’t get me started on THAT….seriously.  I’m just glad I didn’t have to try to teach them to Kelvin too!

Still, she looked super-cute up there with all the big kids!  When did my little baby girl get so big?!

Even though Chad was tired after golfing in Branson, we still made sure to get to the family dance.  We haven’t made it a priority to get there in the past because Chad and I don’t love dancing too much.  We found that out in Vegas!  LOL  Of course, a church family dance and a Swisher Sweets smoke-filled room are far different, but still…

Now that we have kids and they love dancing, we had to make sure to be there!

Ava and her Daddy

Kelvin and Aaron

Ava and her friend Malea

Ava and Ashley

Ashley got a picture of me dancing with the kids on her camera, but I don’t have it right now.  But I was totally there!  LOL


While we were in Branson, Chad went golfing with his friends one afternoon.  So the kids and my friend Ashley and I headed to the Butterfly Palace.

They had a lot of interesting animals for the kids to look at (aside from butterflies).

Even Carter loved looking at the animals!  I love this picture!

The kids loved the butterfly area.

This is the little alcove where Ashley got trapped by the attack butterflies.  LOL  Just kidding….I just think it’s hilarious that she is afraid of butterflies!

They also had birds in with the butterflies.  I thought this blue hummingbird was so cool!

We kind of thought that the butterfly part was overrated (and waaaay overpriced), but we loved the maze areas!  They had a bungee maze.

The mirror maze was the best though.  We went through so many times!  It was so much fun…sometimes Ashley and I would let the kids lead us through, sometimes we would split up and go in separately and see how long it would take to find each other.  We could have stayed all day!


During the Feast, some friends from our church congregation offered to watch Ava and Kelvin so that Chad and I could go on a date.  We decided to go on a double date with our friends Ashley and Aaron.

Carter was our fifth wheel for the night!  🙂

We went down to the Landing and did a little bit of window shopping and then we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  I can’t remember the name, but it was a nice place and we got to eat outside by the water.

Anyway, the food was so good…I still get cravings for those taco’s I had there!

We also had amazing apple pie that they fried right in front of us.  It was the best apple pie I’ve ever had!

We timed it just right and got to watch a water and fire show while we ate.  Carter was mesmerized….he’s a typical boy and has a fascination with fire!

Then we walked down by the water and took pictures.  Kinda blurry…my camera isn’t that great at taking pictures at night.

The adjustment from one child to two children was HARD.  I’m not sure if it was because I was learning to deal with more than one child, or because Kelvin was such a difficult baby, or because they were so close together (18 months apart), or a combination of everything, but it was rough for awhile.

The adjustment from two to three children has been a ton easier, probably due to opposite circumstances (I’m already used to dealing with more than one child, Carter is a super easy baby, and I have 3.5 years between Kelvin and Carter).  But I think it also has a lot to do with my perspective.

Since Kelvin and Ava are older, I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  When they were babies, I felt like my life was ALWAYS GOING TO BE LIKE THIS.  I felt like I would never have more than 5 uninterrupted minutes to do the dishes, let alone have any “me” time.  Since they were a little older by the time I had Carter, I got to see that it wouldn’t always be as intense as it was when they were babies.  I got to see that they would become more independent, become capable of of playing with each other instead of constantly needing to be entertained, and even become good at helping me.

Knowing that helps me cherish these moments with Carter, even when I get a little frustrated on days when he won’t sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time.  I know that it’s temporary and they grow up all too quickly, and before I know it I’ll be dealing with different challenges.  (It doesn’t get better, it just gets different 🙂 )

That’s not to say I didn’t take time to enjoy the little moments when the other two were babies, because I did.  I think I’m just able to enjoy it on a different level this time because I know for myself what others were always telling me before, “The days seem so long, but the years are so short.”  <3

One of my favorite things to watch for in black friday sales is electronics.  Since they’re constantly evolving, there is usually a new edition of something that we want/need…and Black Friday is the best day to get the awesome deal that we want!  This year, I’m thinking about keeping an eye out for Leap Pads for the kids.  We’ll see if the prices go down as low as I’m hoping they will!

Blogging about our Feast in Branson this year is long overdue….time to get started!

This year, the Family Day activity at the Feast was mini golfing.  This was the first time the kids “got” mini golfing….we tried it two years ago and it did NOT go well.  This year was much better though!

I love this picture….Ava was really getting into it!

I’m not at all sure what he was doing here, but it sure looked funny!

And Mr. Carter spent the entire time sleeping in the Moby Wrap.  Even though I was golfing with my left hand, I was beating Chad through most of the game, but he caught up at the end.  Once he took off a stroke for each hole (giving me a “handicap”), I won, though!


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