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December is a big month for me….Chad’s and my anniversary is the 17th, the anniversary of us being baptized is the 24th and my birthday is the 27th!  Whew!

For our anniversary, Chad got a new-to-us van for work, which was desperately needed.  We got an amazing deal on it, too….when he took it to our mechanic, the mechanic guessed that the minimum we paid was $1,500 over what we actually paid!  And I got a Boba 3G baby carrier, which is saving my LIFE!  Carter has gotten even more clingy than usual, so having a quality baby carrier that is comfortable for both him and me is a necessity.  And we both LOVE it!

My mom posted this on Facebook for my birthday yesterday.  I think Carter looks a LOT like me when I was a baby!  My birthday was pretty low-key.  Chad got me cupcakes and they all sang happy birthday to me, but that was about it.  Which was fine…birthdays aren’t nearly as big of a deal when you get old.  *sob*

Would you just look at those rolls?  Carter is just the squishiest, most kissable and tickleable little guy I know!  You wouldn’t get anything done all day either, if you had this chub to kiss!

He will be 6 months old next week.  Where has the time gone?  I had him weighed a couple of weeks ago and he was 19 pounds, 3 ounces (I’m guessing he’s between 19.5 and 20 lbs now).  He has definitely slowed down a lot, which is a GOOD thing!  I was having trouble keeping up with keeping him in the right sized clothes!

He is able to sit with support now and he knows how to roll from back to front, but doesn’t do it often because he hates being on his stomach.  Which is probably why he hasn’t rolled from front to back yet (because he’s never on his front!).

He tried bananas a few weeks ago and decided he didn’t really care for them, so we waited awhile and then started carrots last night.  He liked them, but I think I may have made the puree too thick.  He didn’t automatically push it out of his mouth, but he moved it around in his mouth awhile, swallowed some and spit the rest out.  Even though he was wearing a bib, his shirt is beyond stained, I think!


Since Kelvin’s birthday landed during the Feast this year, we had to have his party when we came home.  Since we were already waiting until after his birthday, we actually had it several weeks later so I could have time to get everything unpacked from our trip before I had to focus on party preparations.

This is the cake.  I don’t love the way it turned out, but it’s what he asked for and Carter didn’t give me time for a fancier one:

I love the decorations.  I found a $6 “book” of pop-out decorations at Party America and it was perfect for the party!  It took quite a bit of assembly (which Chad did), but it was worth it:

The food.  The only “theme food” I could come up with was the Green Goblin (deviled) eggs:

I did manage themed drinks though, which included Green Goblin Juice and Spiderman Power Punch!

My birthday boy with his cake!  He loved it, even though I wish I could have done a better job on it:

For games, we did Pin the Spider of the Web (I didn’t get pictures because I was too busy putting tape on the back of spiders and attaching blindfolds), and a pinata:

And of course, presents:

He loved his party, and I’m so glad we were able to give him the party he wanted!

On the second Sabbath after the Feast, we got Carter blessed.  It was a very special day!

Our minister said we could have brought the big kids up with us, but we had already prepared them to sit at our seats while we got Carter blessed, so we just stuck with that.  Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out so well!  We were in a super-tiny room, with barely even enough room for projector mounts ….so during the prayer, everyone could hear Kelvin whispering, “Carter, close your eyes!” over and over!

Here I am trying to telepathically will him to be quiet (it didn’t work):

And here is Daddy carrying Carter back to our seats after he was blessed:

It was too bad we couldn’t have any of our family there for this special day, but it was great to have all of our church friends around us!


Can you say, still super behind?  Here it is December and I’m just getting around to posting our pumpkin patch pictures!  Once I get caught up, I’m going to do much better!

Unfortunately, it was pretty cold and windy when we went this year.  It would have been fine for me and the big kids, but with Carter, it wasn’t ideal.

First we had lunch with our friends:

Then we walked out to find our pumpkins.  Check out this big one!  Ava wanted it, but since we needed so many pumpkins and I had Carter, we had to pick small ones:

Kelvin had his eye on a big ones, too, but unfortunately we had to leave that one behind, too.

Then we got to take a hay ride.  I think this was the only part of the whole trip that the kids cared about!

We also got to go through a hay maze and play on the playground equipment, but I didn’t get pictures of that.  I think I was changing a diaper at the time and friends were watching the big kids.  🙂

One of the things we usually like to do at the Feast is visit some type of water park (or the ocean…which is what I prefer *grin*).  This year, our resort had plenty of large garden fountains , but didn’t have a water park, so we had to find one elsewhere.  The kids were in heaven and we stayed all afternoon!  This was Carter’s first time swimming and he didn’t *love* it, but he didn’t *hate* it either.

My big girl getting ready to go down the slides again:

My big boy in the “warm” tub (not too hot, not too cold):

My little boy “swimming” in the “warm tub”:


It hasn’t been a good week.

Carter has been sick since Sunday morning.  He has already been at the doctor once and is going to be there again tomorrow because he has blood in his poop.

The other two kids and I have been flirting with this cold all week and finally gave in today.  Kelvin, especially, has been super grumpy.

Yesterday, I played with the kids in their playroom, did school with them, helped Ava sweep her room and then took the kids for a walk.  They asked to go to a park that is a few blocks away and, in an attempt to be a spontaneous yes-mom, I said yes, but that we could only stay for a little bit because Carter would be getting hungry.  We stayed for 45 minutes and then both kids were nasty about leaving.  Then when we got home, Ava told me, “I love you, even when you don’t have time for me.”  Um, SAY WHAT?!  I pour out my whole life for these kids and their view is that I don’t have time for them?!  That is fantastic.

Today was crummy, too, for a million little reasons.  And the icing on the cake?  Stepping in a flipping puddle of pee in Kelvin’s bedroom while I was putting him to bed.  For reasons unknown, Kelvin decided to pee on his bedroom floor after his bath.  Kelvin.  Who has been potty-trained for well over a year.  Gah!

This post would be a lot longer if I hadn’t just had 2 hours of peace and quiet just now.  The post I was writing in my head earlier had much more to vent about, but right now I can only remember the big stuff, I guess.  Which is probably good.  Because in spite of all this, I am always so thankful that I get to stay home and spend every day with these little munchkins…even the bad days!

Kelvin’s birthday landed in the middle of the Feast this year.  We postponed the birthday party festivities until we got home and just had a fun family day.

Ava was soooo excited to give him the Spiderman watch she’d picked out as her gift for him.  She had been asking to give it to him for days and she just couldn’t wait past breakfast time:

After church, we took him to Red Lobster for lunch.  After we ate, the wait staff sang him happy birthday and gave the kids free sundaes:

Chad decided to let Carter suck on a spoon.  He doesn’t look too thrilled, does he?!

After lunch, we took him to see an Imax movie about polar bears.  I think he really liked it.  Then we took him to a Hibachi grill for the first time:

I’m not sure where the rest of my pictures went.  I know I have pictures of him opening his gifts from my grandparents and from us (and no, it was not anything boring like sheer drapes LOL), but they must be on my phone….and I still need to edit and upload those pictures.  I know, I know, I’m so behind!  But if you got to kiss Carter’s sweet little squishy cheeks all day, you’d understand!

Anyway, I can’t believe he’s four already!  The time has just flown.  He’s such a mixture of sweet, independent, funny, stubborn, and exhausting-ness.  He always keeps me on my toes, but my life would be so boring without him.  I’m so thankful that God blessed us with our first little boy four years ago!

One afternoon in Branson, we decided to go to Silver Dollar City.  We wished we would have taken an entire day for it, but we weren’t able to, so we made the most of it and took the four hours we had.

Love this picture and I wish I could have gotten all three kids in it, but they weren’t cooperating:

Glass-blowing demonstration.  I think this is Chad’s favorite part:

The swinging bridge.  It actually made me dizzy when I walked across it:

One of the guys who worked there said we should start looking for his probation officer now:

This was MY favorite part….we did candle dipping with the kids!

The kids loved this ball thing:

I *LOVE* this picture!  The sprinkler thing had just gotten him wet and made it look he peed his pants:

We were one of the last people out of the park, so the workers told us the kids could right up front with the driver.  They thought it was about the coolest thing ever!

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