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We are getting more snow tonight.  So weird for our part of the country.  We’ve had barely any snow this year, and now we’ll be getting 20-ish inches in just one week!  What on earth is going on?!  LOL

The kids will be so excited when they wake up in the morning.  Unfortunately, I’m already feeling the cabin fever just from being stuck in the house today.  Tonight, I kept thinking that it was Wednesday or Thursday, but it’s only MONDAY!

Hopefully we can find lots of things to do in the house this week.  Today the kids did school in the morning (usually we wait until the afternoon), and then they did an entire Angry Birds kindergarten pack in the afternoon.  I’m pretty sure that pack was intended to be used over several days or even a week…and they knocked it out in a couple of hours!  I’m going to need to find and print more things like that to keep them busy through the bad weather.  🙂

I’m also hoping that Carter will stay busy on cutting his top teeth during the next couple of days…because they’re driving me nuts!  I know it’s way worse for him than for me (obviously), but I’m kind of tired of nursing all night and having a screech-y boy most of the day.  Life will be much more pleasant once those teeth come through!

Before I close this random blog post, I have to record something hilarious Ava did today.  I’ve had this one telemarketer that calls me over and over and over, even though we’ve asked to be taken off their list.  I saved the phone number in my phone, under the name “DO NOT ANSWER”, but today this same telemarketer called under an “Unavailable” number and I answered it.  Once I realized who it is, I handed the phone to Ava.  She listened to the guy for awhile and then said, “I hate to break it to you, but…..I think you might be UGLY!”  LOL  She didn’t come up with that on her own (it’s something Chad heard on a TV show and she overheard us talking about it), but it was hilarious nonetheless.  The guy hung up and hopefully he won’t call again!

Now I need to either go to bed or fold sheets.  Folding sheets is such a waste of time…I’m just going to unfold them in a few days to put them on the beds.  And yes, I use that excuse for not making my bed in the morning too.  I am a chronic non-bed-maker.  But I also don’t want to stare at this pile of unfolded sheets for the next few days either.  So I’m probably off to fold sheets….*sigh*

No one told me when I decided to leave the frigid Arctic wasteland of winter-Wisconsin, that Kansas occasionally gets a boatload of snow too!

This is our backyard.  On Thursday, we got 10-ish inches of snow!!  That, in the picture, is way more than 10-ish inches, but that’s because Chad took all of the snow from the driveway and piled it in the backyard to make a mountain for the kids.  There is a fort on the other side, and the side you’re looking at is the sledding side (we hadn’t slid yet, though, so it doesn’t look very smooth yet).

Anyway, so we had our enormous snow storm, complete with thunder snow.  We played.  We sledded.  I even helped Chad shovel a little bit.  I’m done for the year.  Except that we have another 5-9 inches coming in Sunday night through Tuesday morning.  Fun times!

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