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Monday: Old Fashioned Pancakes, Turkey Sausage, Watermelon Fingers (more on that on Wednesday)
Tuesday: Baked Potatoes in the Crock Pot topped with Chicken, Alfredo Sauce, and Broccoli; Sliced Pineapple
Wednesday: Beans & Rice Taco Salad, Dinner Rolls
Thursday: Chicken Noodle Soup, Dinner Rolls (Kelvin is getting some teeth extracted on this day, so I hope soup will be soft enough for him to eat!)
Friday: Steak and Veggies on the Grill
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Quesadillas with leftover steak and grilled veggies; Fruit

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A few days ago, I realized that summer is over half-gone.  And that made me want to take the kids to the pool.  By myself.  Without Chad.  Sometimes I get the craziest ideas.

Actually, it wasn’t bad.  There were some wrenches thrown in our plans, but in the end everyone behaved pretty well and had fun.

Before we even left, I had to inflate the thirty-nine thousand flotation devices needed to keep all three kids safe with only one parent to supervise them.  Had I known that they wouldn’t let us use any of them except Carter’s and that Carter would boycott his, I could have saved myself some time and air and dizziness!

When we got there, they refused to take our punch cards because the pool had changed ownership, so I had to traipse back out to the van for my credit card with everyone in tow.  That was fun.  Not.

Once we got everyone in and sprayed down with sunscreen, we stepped into the pool just in time for the lifeguard break.  Oy.

Finally, the kids were able to get in the pool and start swimming around like little fish.  Carter H.A.T.E.S. the water so I had to hold in the shallow water most of the time.  Luckily, after awhile I was able to put him down by some fountains and he had fun playing in those.  He even ventured into the zero-depth entry to the pool!  It was hilarious watching him do his little scoot in the water.  It was like a moonwalk-scoot.  So funny!

After about 2.5 hours, Carter was getting tired, but the big kids were not ready to go yet.  I was able to get them to think it was their idea to leave just by dropping the phrase, “ICE CREAM”.  LOL

All in all, a huge success!

P.S. I have more pictures where that one came from.  Coming soon!  They turned out AMAZING!



Remember when I posted that we were finally getting help for Carter’s eating issues?

The speech therapist and occupational therapist came out to evaluate him today and he does qualify for therapy.  They say he has developmental delays in regards to eating, sleeping and crawling.

I am only concerned about the eating.

I think the sleeping is directly related to the eating and as soon as he’s taking nutrition from something more substantial than breast milk, his sleep will improve.  Who needs a vacation in real estate in louisville ky properties when you can get a full night’s sleep after a year of broken sleep?!

And I’m not worried about his scooting instead of crawling.  I’ve seen him crawl on numerous occasions….he simply chooses to scoot on our hardwood floors because it’s faster.

They also said his fine motor skills are advanced.

So they will be coming back in a few weeks to draw up a treatment plan and tell us where we go from here.  I’m really happy that they finally listened to me and he’s getting the help he needs!  🙂

Yesterday I posted about Kelvin’s appointment today to have his extra front tooth removed.  We had the appointment, but they didn’t remove the tooth.  They had to do an x-ray because his dentist didn’t get the x-ray sent over and they ran out of time to start the procedure.

So we had some time to learn about exactly what they’re going to do and we have the next two weeks to prepare him for it.  Apparently, they’re going to give him valium, which freaks me out a little bit…researching valium and the correct dosage for a child his size is on my list of things to do before the appointment.  Then he’ll also get the laughing gas and by that point he shouldn’t even care whether they’re taking one or two teeth out.

Which apparently they don’t know yet either.  They’re not sure if they can just take the extra one and leave the baby tooth or if both have to go.  They’ll decide once they get in there.

I have to admit, I was a little irritated that they didn’t take it out today.  We were all prepared for it, right down to the yogurt and applesauce stocked in the fridge.  It would have been nice not to have to worry about it anymore, but such is life.  Onward!

I am working on getting photos ready for a legendary post about the legendary rainbow birthday party I threw this last weekend.  That’s right, I said legendary.

But that’s going to take a bit because I’m super-duper, crazy behind on uploading and organizing pictures.

Also, the baby whose honor the party was thrown in is so BUSY all the time, it’s hard to find time for uploading pictures when I’m constantly putting away the scattered board games, stuffing the DVD’s back into the dvd storage system, and slipping on toy cars that are all over the living room.

So anyway, in the meantime, I bring you a Kelvin-ism that I’m afraid I will forget if I don’t record it for posterity…

Kelvin always uses the word “mine” instead of “my”.

“Can you hand me mine marker?”

“Look at mine picture!”

“Don’t touch mine hand!”

I think it’s sooooo cute!  🙂

In other news, he is heading in to the oral surgeon tomorrow to get two of his front teeth extracted.  He has THREE front teeth (one is growing in behind another one), so he has to have them removed and we are all a bit nervous about it.  Please keep him {us} in your prayers, if you think of it!

Photo: Ava's patriotic nails.

Ava’s patriotic toenails

I have tons to write about, including Carter’s first birthday a couple of days ago.  I need 30 minutes or so to get the pictures together and pull my thoughts together to write.  30 minutes is unattainable, though.

I will be back to writing regularly soon.  I hope.  I’m not trying to be cryptic, but it’s everything and nothing.  As in, everything is bothering me and overwhelming me and frustrating me and driving me out of my everloving mind….but it’s nothing big, just everyday stuff attacking me all at once.

I’m off to make a flag cake with the kids and get ready for the fireworks later.  I will be back soon.  🙂

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