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I suppose I was due for a climber.  Ava and Kelvin were not climbers.  Sure, they would climb occasionally, but not the way Carter does!

This kid is giving me a run for my money, let me tell you.  I never expected a 13-month-old to be capable of getting into so much trouble!  At this rate, I’d better install software on my electronics now, before he’s capable of wreaking havoc on those too!

So far, I’ve found him:

  • On the dining room table.  He climbs onto the dining rooms chairs and then up onto the table.  Then he has access to whatever he wants up there…his favorite is markers.  His body is typically decorated in purple or green.
  • On the back of the couch.  I knew he was able to climb onto the couch, but lately I’ve found that he climbs up and stands on the back of the couch and looks out the window.
  • On Kelvin’s bed.  He uses the drawers under the bed as steps to climb up onto the bed.
  • Trying to climb up the oven door.  He grabs the handle on the oven and then uses his little monkey toes to try to climb up to the stove.  Luckily he can’t do that yet.
  • Opening the back door.  Luckily, we have a chain lock that he won’t be able to reach for years and years and years.


Monday: Twice Baked Taco Potatoes, Steamed Carrots
Tuesday: Tuna Melts, Grapes
Wednesday: Grilled Steak (marinated in McCormick Smokin’ Sweet Tea Marinade), Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli
Thursday: Omelets with sauteed peppers and leftover grilled steak, Smoothies
Friday: Sloppy Joes on Homemade Buns, Sauteed Garlic Green Beans
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Soup

Just in case anyone ever got any crazy idea that I have it all together, take peek at the way my kitchen looked earlier today.

Yup, there’s a reason my blog is called “Adventures of an IMPERFECT Supermom”!!

BUT…I spent the afternoon focused completely on the kids…coloring, reading, playing.  It was a perfect Sunday!

It’s Friday!

If you have a Kroger chain store near you, that means more than, “It’s almost the weekend!”

It means there is a Free Friday Download available!

Kroger and its affiliates are offering a digital coupon for a free product every Friday.  It’s as easy as signing into your Kroger account, clicking on the coupon and then buying the product at the store.  The price of the product comes off your total automatically when you scan your shopper’s card.

So far, I’ve gotten free mac n cheese, free Pop Chips, free Hamburger Helper, free granola bars, and several other items.  This week you get a FREE 7UP TEN®, A&W TEN®, Sunkist TEN® Soda, Canada Dry TEN® or Dr Pepper TEN®!

If you don’t have a Kroger account yet, it’s very simple to set up.  Once you have it set up, you get all kinds of benefits.  You can do things like tracking your savings and Fuel points, check the weekly ad to see what’s on sale, and make your grocery list.

My favorite features of my Dillons (Kroger affiliate) account is the access to digital coupons.  I love saving money, and it’s so easy to load coupons to my card.  No more clipping coupons only to forget them in the hustle and bustle of trying to get out the door with three kids!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  😉

We also love the Fuel Points we get from our Dillons account.  Chad does tons of driving for work, so our family goes through a lot of gas.  It’s so nice to see the price per gallon drop at the pump after we scan our Dillons card!

What are you waiting for?  Your free products await!

Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent and received Free Friday Download coupons in exchange for my honest opinion.


Despite my best intentions to blog more regularly and turn this blog into more of a “real blog” this summer, I feel like I flopped.

But that’s because we’ve been busy!

This whole having three kids thing is no joke!

Since I didn’t have time to write individual posts about everything we did, and I’m feeling bad about it…..

Ava ended the summer in Level 3, and Kelvin ended it at Level 2.  Both of them will be repeating them next summer.  Kelvin’s teachers said that they actually would have passed him if he hadn’t been so young…the next level is in the deep end and they didn’t feel comfortable sending a little guy to the deep end.  {Do you know why this paragraph was necessary?  Because this is where I go every year to figure out what level to sign the kids up for LOL}

  • We also threw a legendary rainbow party for our littlest one.  I still plan to write a legendary post about it, so I’ll leave it at that (for now).

  • We went to the fair.

  • We went to Branson for an Aire-Master conference.

  • We went on picnics and play dates at the park.

  • We went to library programs nearly every week.

  • We celebrated the 4th of July with swimming in our wading pool, setting off fireworks and watching fireworks at the lake.

  • We did lots of playing outside on our new deck.

  • We took a trip to Wisconsin to visit our families and help my grandparents celebrate their 50’th anniversary.

  • In addition to that, there were numerous trips to places like the zoo, the Discovery Center, the park, the pool, etc. etc. etc.

Summer is coming to a close for most everyone else, but really we have lots more fun ahead of us.  We didn’t finish our last school year until the end of July, so we’re not starting school until the end of September!  More adventures await us!


The last time I posted, it was right after Carter bit through his tongue, bled everywhere and vomited blood on everything.  Remember?  Good, because I’d rather not.

Needless to say, after that night EVERYTHING needed to be disinfected.  Usually, I wait until the kids are in bed to do my cleaning.  I need to make sure things are getting disinfected and germs are dying, but I don’t want my kids exposed to chemical fumes.  But after that up-all-night episode, cleaning had to happen STAT.

Enter, Lysol Power & Free!

I was so thankful that I had just received the Lysol Power & Free multi-purpose spray and cleaning wipes to review!  I was able to get rid of all the germy blood-and-vomit yuckiness without worrying that I was exposing the kids to harsh chemicals and fumes.  And FYI, it removes bloody vomit stains from leather couches.  Just so you know.

The Lysol Power & Free line is bleach-free.  It actually cleans using hydrogen peroxide, which dissolves into water and oxygen.  This is awesome because it means that it isn’t leaving behind chemical residues…no more worrying about rinsing the chemicals off of surfaces after cleaning them!

I’m usually a bit wary about products that claim to be “chemical free” or whatever, because I’ve found that they usually don’t work very well.  Not the case with Lysol Power & Free.  Before trying out this line, I always used regular Lysol and I honestly can’t tell a difference between the effectiveness of the two.

One of the best parts for me is the fresh scent it leaves behind.  I am a sucker for clean, fresh scents and Lysol Power & Free’s Citrus Sparkle Zest delivers!

The Lysol Power & Free line has gotten itself a new loyal customer.  Being able to safely disinfect around the kids while making the house smell amazing?  Who could ask for more?

Disclosure: I was provided the Lysol Power & Free multi-purpose spray and cleaning wipes to review.  All opinions are my own.

It has been a week, let me tell you.

Last Thursday, I got all organized and I made a list of posts that I wanted to write and schedule for the next week.  Without the chaos that followed, I might have even been ambitious enough to start shopping for discount appliances online !


That afternoon, Carter was trying to get on his riding toy that he got for his birthday and he fell.  There was immediately blood everywhere.  I realized he bit through his tongue and called the pediatrician to ask what I should do.  It was the end of the day, so they said to take him to the ER.  Luckily, Chad had just gotten done working for the day, so I was able to leave the big kids home.

We got to the ER and of course, the bleeding stopped.  This landed us in the lowest-priority waiting room.  During the two hours we sat there, the bleeding started again several times and freaked out all the other people in the waiting room.

We finally got called back and they had me put ice on it to stop the bleeding and then they put some drops on it to shrink the blood vessels.  So basically, they did nothing.  By the time we got home 30 minutes later, it was bleeding EVERYWHERE again.

After several baths, I got him to sleep.  I figured I would sleep downstairs with him in my arms to keep an eye on him since there was so much bleeding and it would just stop and start randomly.  But first I had to take a shower to wash all the blood off me, so I laid him down for a couple minutes.  Chad was keeping an eye on him and warned me that he was in a pool of blood.  I was envisioning a little spot on his mattress, but no.  It was a pool.  It literally looked like a crime scene.  Half his crib and his entire body was covered in blood.  It was SO. BAD.

After that, I wasn’t going to lay him down again.  I covered the couch in towels and settled in with him.  Just when I was about to fall asleep, he started vomiting blood everywhere.  He and I both wound up taking several baths over the next few hours.  Luckily, that night was the end of the bleeding and vomiting.  The next day was pretty yucky only because we were so tired from our rough night and EVERYTHING needed to be laundered and/or disinfected.

I knew this was going to wreak havoc with his feeding issues, but I thought we were in the clear other than that.  Unfortunately, he started running a fever of 103.1 on Sunday.  I was sure his tongue was infected, so I brought him to the walk-in clinic.  It wasn’t his tongue at all…he had a viral infection in his throat that was so bad, it caused blisters.  Poor little man just couldn’t catch a break!

And now, I am really, really, really just hoping the worst truly is over.  His fever has been gone for about 12 hours and we are getting ready to leave to visit family tomorrow and help my grandparents celebrate their 50th anniversary on Sunday!

Usually when I serve watermelon, I cut it into slices and then cube it and put it in a bowl.  This summer I found a way to serve watermelon that we like even better! 

I make watermelon fingers!  I simply cut the watermelon in half and turn one half so that the flat side is down on the cutting board.  Then I cut the entire half into 1-inch slices, turn it 90 degrees and cut 1-inch slices again.

I toss the edge slices that have no pink on them.  If there are a few that have a little bit of pink, I cut the pink part off and save it in a Tupperware container for smoothies.

Then I arrange it in a few big bowls, cover it with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator.

This is definitely our new favorite way to eat watermelon.  It’s faster to cut, easier to eat, and more “accessible”.  When I cube a whole watermelon, we have to get out a bowl, a serving spoon, a fork to eat it with, etc. (First world problems, amirite?)  When I keep a few big bowls of watermelon fingers in the fridge, people can just reach in, grab one and eat it with no mess!

Watermelon fingers work for me!

I’m excited for my kids to be old enough to pick an “elective” instrument (a basic knowledge of piano is not optional, other instruments are).  I really hope one of them picks the guitar.  I think it would be so fun to have the sound of a gibson les paul classic throughout the house!  And maybe they’ll teach me to play too….the guitar has always been on my list of things to learn!

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