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Oh, this little man is sure keeping life interesting lately!  He is always full of new tricks and things that keep us laughing.  He has started making hilarious faces just to see our reactions and when we laugh, he keeps making them over and over.  He’s hilarious and he knows it!

One of his latest tricks is that he has started dancing.  It is about the cutest thing ever.  He only moves his arms in front of him…kind of as if he’s running, but he moves both arms at the same time.  So flipping cute!

He is at such a fun, adorable age and I can’t wait to see the next hilarious thing he’ll do!

Recently Kelvin was studying the sun in school, so I made him and Ava a sun-themed snack to go along with it.  This is about the only time we’ve seen the sun in the last few days, so it was a welcome sight for everyone!  LOL  We didn’t even have to travel and print postcards in nyc to see a glimpse of sunshine.

All I did for each snack was lay a peach half upside down on a plate, cut carrot sticks into thin strips, and arrange them around the peach in a sunshine-pattern.  The kids thought it was super-cool….unfortunately, not cool enough to eat, though.  Oh well.  You win some, you lose some!



I used to do a LOT of running and have always had issues with joint pain, shin splints, and high painful arches.  I can’t even do the 30-Day Shred without excruciating pain in my feet and knees.  I had pretty much accepted that I was just going to have to deal with it…until I received Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Insoles for free from Influenster.

I was skeptical.  Did I mention my crazy-high arches?  Seriously.  Crazy-high.  I didn’t even the think the insoles would be able to reach them to make much of a difference.  But these insoles are a game changer! They make even just being on my feet in general so much more comfortable.   I love the support they offer my high arches and the extra padding to cushion the impact on my joints.

Disclosure:  Received the Dr. Scholl’s Active Series insoles for free in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


We use My Father’s World curriculum for both of the big kids right now.  And that curriculum relies heavily on exposure to good children’s books.  They sell literature packages to go with each grade level, but all those books cost a ton!  And why do that when we have an amazing library near us?

We can request books for free online and they set them aside for us, making it easy to collect our books quickly every few weeks and then let the kids play in the children’s area.

Here is what our haul looked like this week:

And that’s just enough books for two weeks!  We are so lucky to have such an amazing library!


Last week was an exciting week for Miss Ava.  Not only did she get a new dentist she loves, she also lost her first baby tooth!  I’m going to say that, even though technically it isn’t true.  She had an abscessed molar pulled over the summer (one of the reasons we needed a new dentist), so I guess that was her first lost baby tooth.  But this is the first one that got loose, wiggled, and eventually fell out.  Very exciting!

Of course, being the drama queen she is, she couldn’t just be excited over discovering she had a loose tooth.  Oh no.  There were many meltdowns.  Some involved channeling her inner Gollum and bawling, “My precious!  My precious tooth!  It’s my special-eeeeeeest!”  And some involved singing, “Teeth, oh teeth, I’ll keep you forever.”

And when it finally fell out?  Screaming.  Flat-out screaming.  And more bawling.  I have a video.  I don’t want to share because you can see me in the bathroom mirror struggling to keep from turning into a giggling heap on the floor.

Now that the drama is over, she’s very excited to show off her gap to everyone.  🙂

Nothing screams “FALL” like a trip to the pumpkin patch!

This year, we decided to visit a different pumpkin patch that was closer to home, rather than driving 30 minutes to our normal one.  I kind of wish we hadn’t.  This one was not nearly as nice, we didn’t get to go out in the field and pick our own pumpkins, and they nickle and dimed us for EVERYTHING.  The kids still had fun, though!

Eeeks!  I am in love with this picture!

The big kids loved this spider web thing.  Carter wasn’t so sure.

I’m only slightly bitter that we paid $6 to ride on this “train” THING.  I think this thing needed to be melted down and turned into an aluminum bench a long time ago!

You can’t tell, but this is the big kids going down the slide.

Carter spent most of the time playing in the sand pit with the giant tires.

The kids had a lot of fun, but we will definitely be going back to our normal pumpkin patch next year!

Last week, Ava went to meet her new dentist and it went surprisingly well!  After the traumatic experience with her last dentist, I was prepared for the worst but her new pediatric dentist and his staff is awesome!  They made her feel comfortable and completely put her mind at ease.

The appointment was supposed to be only for a consultation, but the patient who had the appointment after her didn’t show up so the dentist offered to fill her cavity right away.  I’m so thankful that happened because it eliminated the nervous anticipation leading up to her filling appointment.  Plus, we didn’t know that they wouldn’t need to do a numbing shot until they started the procedure.  Even without the shot she had no pain and handled it great!


Tomorrow we have our first appointment with the kids’ new dentist.  I think I’m just as nervous as Ava!  Tomorrow is only a consult, but we know she still has some work that needs to be done in her mouth and she’s very gun-shy after her last dentist.  The last one was awful with kids and had a horrible bedside manner (luckily I’ve never needed a best san diego dog bite lawyer , but I briefly considered getting a lawyer to take that dentist down).  The new one is a pediatric dentist and I’ve been assured that he is very good with children.  He’d better be, since that’s the reason I’m willing to drive 30 miles to a different city to go to his practice!

I’ll be sure to update after her appointment tomorrow!

I am so excited….at 15.5 months old, Carter finally walked today!

About a month ago, he started taking a step or two, but typically he was just taking them while reaching for something to hold onto.

Today, we were playing outside and all of a sudden, he stood up and walked 6 steps!!!  Then he fell, stood back up and started walking again.  It was crazy.  I think the reason he has had trouble taking more than 2 steps before is because we were typically holding his hands and he didn’t feel confident in his balance.  But when he stood up on his own, he knew he was already balancing and he just took off.

It sure has been an exciting day for him!

Didn’t I just throw a party?  An out-of-this-world rainbow party for a certain Little Mister’s 1st birthday?  {One that I still need to blog about.  Oy.}

Why yes, I did.  So how is it time to throw another party again already?  It feels like it shouldn’t be, and yet it is.

Kelvin turned 5 a few days ago and he will be having an Avengers Party tomorrow.  While it isn’t nearly as time-consuming as Carter’s party, I still have a rather long list to finish before tomorrow afternoon.  And it doesn’t include buying a silver dollar at goldeneagle as a gift, thankfully!

Hopefully I can get Carter in bed soon so I can get some things done before I fall asleep.  So much to do, so little time!

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