This week Carter and Kelvin had their well-baby/child checkups.  I scheduled the appointments on separate occasions, but somehow they ended up being back-to-back appointments.  Perfect!  Kill two birds with one stone!

I intended to bring the tablet along to help entertain the older two, but of course I forgot it in the car.  Argh!

Carter’s appointment was first and he saw one of the nurse practitioners.  Everything was non-eventful and he weighed 25 lbs, 3 oz (59th percentile) and was 32.5 inches tall (85th percentile).  Side note: Who would have thought that my 10-lbs-11-oz-at-birth baby would be in the 59th percentile for weight at 15 months?!

We were able to go straight down the hall for Kelvin’s appointment with our pediatrician.  That’s when things started getting interesting.  Ava and Carter had had enough of the doctor’s office, so both of them were acting impatient.  Carter kept opening the exam room door and trying to escape.  Ava got herself stuck in a bin full of books.

Meanwhile, the nurse had taken Kelvin down the hall to check weight, blood pressure, eyes and ears.  They were gone forever.  I was actually starting to get panicky, but they finally brought him back.  Apparently, he had decided to stop cooperating during his hearing test.  How does one stop cooperating?  By pretending they can’t hear the noises they’re supposed to be raising their hand for.  Luckily the nurse could tell that he was messing around and that he could hear the noises.  I think this had something to do with a movie he watched where the kid had hearing aids and would turn them off so he couldn’t hear his sister.  Ever since then, he’s thought hearing aids are the coolest thing ever. :/

So then the nurse tells him to strip down to his underwear, and the doctor would be right in.  Yeah, he wasn’t doing that.  I had to literally pull the clothes off of him.  At one point, I was trying to get his pants off and he was upside down trying to get away from me.  Carter chose that moment to open the exam room door.  For the record, he was not upset during this.  He thought it was all a big game and thought it was hilarious to be as difficult as possible.

Luckily, the doctor came in pretty quickly after that and his exam was uneventful.  He weighed 43 pounds (66th percentile) and was 42.3 inches (37th percentile).

Once we were out of the office, I called my mom to get some sympathy and she LAUGHED at me.  Some people……


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