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I’m so excited!  After being diagnosed with a minor speech delay and having a bit of speech therapy, the boy has exploded with words during the last week!

Before this week, he was saying “mama” and “no”, but now he has added mom, dada, boot, blueberry, diaper, go, draw, thank you!

I’m telling you right now, the “mom” thing is getting old though.  I love hearing my babies say “mama”, but he practically skipped right over it and just says “mom” all day long.

He also learned to sing the little three-note song that Belt (from the Croods) sings.  It is sooooooo cute!

I wasn’t even hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, but it was still easy for regular week-night dinners to become a hurried after-thought.  We were busy wrapping up school work, getting laundry done, and packing to travel and too often it was 5:00 pm and I hadn’t even thought about dinner yet.

Thankfully, Kroger Skillet Meals were there to save the day!  (When you try them, the Tuscan-Style Penne is to die for!)  Kroger also has Garlic Bread and ready-to-eat salad to round out your meal.

Why not keep a skillet meal and garlic bread in the freezer and a salad in the crisper drawer for those days when you’re cooking up a storm for every dinner BUT tonight’s dinner?

Disclosure: BzzAgent provided me with a Skillet Meal, a garlic bread and a salad mix to review. All opinions are my own.

Today Ava said to me:

“You’re the best mom. Well, I don’t really know. There might be other moms whose names I don’t know who are bester.”

Way to make a mom feel special, Ava!


Over here, we are getting a break from hibernating!  All week, our highs are supposed to be able 50, and today it was 60!!  Not exactly warm enough to need surfboard racks , but for December, I will take it!  Especially since my sanity requires some time out of the house this week!


There has been a lull in posts here.  And when there is a lull in posts, it is because there is NOT a lull in my life.  Life has been almost too much for my sanity lately.

Nothing huge or horrible has been going on and I’m not being cryptic.  We are just really struggling with Carter’s shake-up of his routine.  The little guy has decided that when I put him to bed at 8:00, he should wake up when I lay him down and think, “Wow, that was a great nap!”  He then proceeds to stay up until 11:00, which means I get practically no time to myself to get anything done.  Then he has been thinking it’s stupid-fun to get up at 5:30 am every few days.

My sanity is hanging by a THREAD.  Sometimes it’s not even bothering to hang, it’s just broken clean off.

Also, this morning I took the first shower I had gotten since Wednesday night.  To be clear, I went from Wednesday night until Saturday morning with NO SHOWER.  Losing it.  Just losing it.

So that’s why I haven’t had much blogging time.  I am hoping with everything in me that this is just a phase and that he will be back to his normal, mediocre sleeping schedule soon.

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