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Ava and I have been spending lots of time working on her song that she’ll be singing for the Fun Show.  I really hope she has time to get it all learned before next week!  Just think….in a few years, I’ll be helping her try to get a song learned on some instrument before a performance.  I wonder if it will be a guitar or vandoren bass clarinet mouthpieces at wwbw or the flute, or something else?  Hopefully it will be the piano before any of those!

Tonight I got my first solo MOMS Night Out since Carter was born.  We were making a bunch of meals for the freezer, so I really couldn’t do that with my little side-kick.  Luckily, he did awesome without me.  Chad said the big kids were a lot of help playing with him and when I came home, I got a ton of kisses from him.

I was gone for about three hours and we made six meals.  They are all the crock pot meals that we could just chop and dump it all in a freezer bag.  I’m really excited to eat them.  They all smelled awesome while we were making them!

I’m so frustrated with myself right now.  Ava had her first Ballet & Tap class tonight.  I got her dressed, fixed her hair and told her I needed to get a picture of her before we left.  And I totally forgot!  Next week, there will definitely be a picture.

Anyway, she did awesome!  She took a dance class a couple years ago and didn’t do well at all.  She goofed off the entire time and learned nothing.  But during this class, she paid attention and couldn’t wait show us her new ballet and tap moves when she got home.  I can’t wait to see her recital at the end of the class!

I am 9 weeks along with Baby #4 today!  This pregnancy is absolutely flying by.  I want it to just slow down for a second, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

My biggest “symptom” is just a general yucky feeling (nausea, food aversions, absolutely NO energy).  It is really, really hard to take care of three other kids (including home schooling them) and keep a house running with that.  But we’re managing and I am so looking forward to the energy surge that I expect to come with the second trimester!

Up until now, I haven’t had any baby bump at all, but I’ve just started to get a tiny one in the last few days.  I’ll have to get a belly picture soon!

I’m not sure whether to thank Daniel Tiger for Carter’s recent interest in the potty….or not.  I’ve never had a child interested in the potty at this age (he’s 18 months), so potty training is not even on my radar.  And to be totally honest, diapers are just easier with a child this young.  The fact that we use cloth means that continuing to diaper him is free, too!

But still, every time he hears, “When you have to go potty, stop and go right away”, he runs for his little potty seat, strips off his pants and plops down.  Then when he’s done, he has to “flush and wash and be on [his] way.”  Oy!  So not ready for this yet!

My kids definitely were not blessed with fast-growing hair.  All of them had little more than peach fuzz for the first 2+ years of their life.

I didn’t think Carter’s had been growing much at all, but then this picture from August popped up on my Google +:

And this was him yesterday “straightening his hair”:

So even though I hadn’t noticed until I saw the picture from five months ago, his hair is definitely growing…slowly but surely!

This picture gives new meaning to the word “multi-tasking”, doesn’t it?

Don’t let him fool you.  Carter is nowhere near potty-training, but he likes copying people, so he stripped his pants off and plopped down on the little potty.  Then he happened to notice my straightener sitting nearby and grabbed it and decided to straighten his hair while he was on the toilet.

Even I’m not brave enough to multi-task that much!

Since we haven’t been able to spend much time outside due to the cold weather, I decided to sign the older kids up for some lessons at the community centers to keep them active this winter.

So Ava will be starting a ballet and tap class!  She so excited, you’d think it was ballroom dance lessons from the Dance Doctor ! We have all her shoes and leotards ready and she absolutely can’t wait!

And Kelvin will be starting basketball.  This will be his first class without Ava in the same class, so I hope he does OK!

This is baby at 5 weeks 5 days:

And this is baby a week later.  They were able to get a better measurement at this ultrasound and decided I was 6 weeks, 3 days and due September 2, 2014!

I am now just over 8 weeks along and the morning sickness is definitely in full swing!  Hopefully that means everything is going the way it should!

I will have a belly picture or two to share soon….

Despite being bipolar, apparently this winter really loves the weekends.  For the last few weeks, the weekends have been warm (last Sunday was even 64 degrees!) and then the weeks plunge back into frigid weather that would freeze your water pump and everything else!  This week is no different.  Tomorrow is supposed to have windchills of -14 degrees, Sunday is supposed to be 58 and then Monday is supposed to be back to 23!  What is up with this weather?!

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