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I haven’t forgotten to come back and do my promised update on the subchorionic hemorrhage!

At my appointment last week (15 weeks, 6 days), the hemorrhage had grown a little.  It had been 4 cm around 12 weeks, but last Monday it was 6 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm.  So not enormously bigger, but not smaller like we were hoping, either.

I had to see a midwife who is not my normal care provider after my sonogram.  She told me my chances of continuing to carry the baby were only about 50%.  I was pretty shocked and crushed.  I was sure that getting well into the second trimester must have given me better chances.

Luckily, my doctor’s office called the next day after he reviewed my sonogram.  When I told the nurse what the midwife had said and asked some more questions about it, she told me she would talk to my doctor and call me back.  She called back with much better news.  My doctor thinks that since I didn’t miscarry after either of the gushing bleeds, my chances are much higher than 50% and he’s very optimistic that I’ll have a healthy baby at the end of this.  I was so relieved to hear that!

But since the hemorrhage is still there and does still pose risks, I’ll still continue having appointments every 2 weeks and ultrasounds every 4 weeks for now.  Which I don’t mind at all…the more we check up on Baby Girl, the more reassured I feel!  🙂


I’m so excited, and so is Ava!  Of course, I would have been happy either way, but I was really hoping for another girl to dress up in super-cute girly stuff.  Ava is just barely tolerating it anymore.

We also got an update on the subchorionic hemorrhage, but that’s for another post.  For this post, I’m just going to be thrilled that we’ll be having another little girl in a few months!


It sure has been quiet over here in my corner of the blogosphere.  In case you were wondering why, it’s because as soon as I got taken off of bedrest for my subchorionic hemorrhage (which is not resolved yet), we came down with whooping cough.

Carter and I came down with it first and the big kids followed a couple of weeks later.  Chad is the only one who has still not shown any symptoms.  At this point, I think he just might get lucky and escape it!

The kids and I just finished our 5 days of antibiotics, which supposedly means we’re not contagious anymore.  I’m not sure I believe it, though.  We all still feel awful and I’m pretty certain I cracked a rib last night because the coughing fits were so bad (I wish I were exaggerating or blowing it out of proportion).  I’ve definitely had it the worst and I think it’s because I’m also pregnant.  I’ve been vomiting at least once a day from coughing so hard…sometimes after every meal or snack.  Carter has vomited a few times (mostly at night) and the big kids haven’t vomited at all.  I think the big kids got their antibiotics soon enough that it probably won’t get super bad for them.  They probably still will be coughing for a long time to come, though.  It’s called the 100-day cough for a reason.

So that’s why it’s been quiet here.  We’ve been staying home all the time because of course we don’t want to share our germs, but with three kids with cabin-fever, that certainly doesn’t equate to extra blogging time for Mommy!

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