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I have my 20-week ultrasound tomorrow!  I was very hopeful that we would find out that the subchorionic hemorrhage was gone, but after more bleeding the last couple of days, I’m pretty sure it’s not.  It could definitely be smaller though, which would be good news!  We’ll just have to wait and see.

In other news, we are back to school this week.  We’re splitting a week over this week and next week (because we still have craziness going on and can’t do school every day yet…plus I’m still catching up on stuff like quarterly taxes, paying bills and looking for insurance like don allred insurance ) and then we’re taking another week off to visit family.  When I looked over our school calendar for April, we’re only doing one week’s worth of school the entire month!  It’s been kind of nice to take a break, but it won’t still be nice when we’re still doing some of our school in July!

I’ll try to be back tomorrow to update after my ultrasound!

It’s almost time for us to dig back in and finish off our last ten weeks of this school year.  Can I just say that I do not feel refreshed and ready to get back to it?

I’m not sure where all of my extra hours I was supposed to have during this break have gone, but they have up and vanished.  We’ve been so busy anyway, I’m not sure exactly how we’re going to start squeezing school back in next week!  Oh well.  10 more weeks.  Just 10 more weeks.

One of the things we’ve added in that has kept us busy is taekwondo for the older kids.  They love it (mostly…Ava loves it and Kelvin is having some motivation issues, as usual) and they are just the cutest little taekwondo people ever, right?

I have two baskets of laundry calling my name and then I think I hear my pillow calling, too.  I know I haven’t been sleeping enough lately, so it’s time to fix that before we get back to the routine, too!

Right now we’re in the middle of a super-exciting spring break.  Where’s my sarcasm font when I need it?

We’re taking time off to be able to to deleaven and spring clean our house.  I’m almost done with the upstairs, but I still have the sewing/storage room and Chad’s and my room to do.  And next week we have to start on the downstairs.

I’m mostly dreading the kitchen, because since the main focus is deleavening, obviously that room will be the most work.  Too bad I can’t make it more fun by adding in picking out new kitchen cupboards and counters from here ! Haha. But alas, it will just be cleaning for now!

The funny thing is that we were having major attitude issues about school before we started our break.  Every day since then, Kelvin (who had the worst attitude of all) has been begging me to let him do “four days of school today”.  I know better than to hope this will last until we actually start school again!

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