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We are in the middle of January, and we just spent the day at the park in light sweatshirts!!  It was about 67 degrees today, so we decided to forget about our school work and get outside and enjoy it!  It’s only going to last until Wednesday, and then it will be back to more seasonable temperatures…so we can catch up on school when it’s cold out and we’re stuck in the house anyway!!

Tomorrow, we’re off to the doctor because Carter fell last week and we thought he might have messed up his foot, but he was complaining about it (he was obviously limping, though).  Today, he fell at the park and the limp is much worse, so I definitely want to get it checked out and make sure he’s OK.  I doubt anything is broken, since he doesn’t complain about it or even wince when we move it, but I hope they can figure out what’s wrong and fix it!

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