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I’ve just barely started teaching Ava to play the piano, and already she and Kelvin are both begging me to start teaching them to play other instruments!  Add in Mr. Carter who runs around strumming his pretend guitar all the time, and I’m pretty sure we have a family band in the making!  I’m just glad we have an UNattached garage so that I’ll be able to send them and their instruments and their echo pedal and accessories out there so it won’t be quite so loud in the house!

Ava – 8 years, Kelvin – 6 years, Carter – 2 years, Kaylee – 7 months

I was just lucky that all four of them were looking at the camera!  I couldn’t really expect them all to be smiling too, could I?

I love this picture because it really shows each of their personalities.

These were their runner-up outfits…they have matching ones that they’re going to wear tomorrow and I’ll be sure to get more pictures!

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