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Just the other day, Kelvin started learning about different types of instruments in school (woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings).  We learned about how most woodwinds have reeds and he seemed pretty interested to figure out what reeds are. Maybe someday we’ll be making sure he has plenty of Bb Rico Reed on hand so that he can practice his own woodwind instrument.  It will be interesting to see what kind of instrument he chooses to play someday!

All the public-schooled kids in our area are out of school now, so all the summer activities in our area are starting up.  Let me tell you, the kids are wishing we hadn’t taken quite so many breaks throughout the school year!

Right now, it definitely fits our lifestyle best to do school year round, though.  With teaching two different grade levels and wrangling a toddler and infant, we need the flexibility to be able to take breaks as we need them throughout the year.  Plus, we travel quite a bit which requires more time off.  It’s kind of nice to be able to take those trips and easily be able to take the time off from school.

We’re still able to take time off this summer for travel, camps and other activities, but we still have quite a bit of school to get done as well.

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