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I am almost constantly noticing all the motorcycles around us, whether we’re on the highway, driving around town, or in a parking lot.  Both of my boys are OBSESSED with motorcycles, so we spend a ton of time looking at them.  Kelvin keeps telling us he isn’t going to have a car when he grows up, he’s going to have a motorcycle!  Also, he was just telling me today that he’s going to be a “fixer-guy” when he grows up, so I wonder if those two interests will overlap?  If so, we might be in the market for quick motorcycle lift guide at Best Buy Auto sooner than we think!  It might give him a head-start on his path as an adult if he can have his own area to work on fixing motorcycles right in our own garage…so it’s definitely worth some thought!  For now, though, I think we’ll keep noticing motorcycles while we’re driving around in the mini-van!

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