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All the kids around here are going back to school this week.  Joke’s on us because we still haven’t even finished last year!!  (We started our year in October and we do school year round)  We are getting back into the swing of things with going to the kids’ tae kwon do classes regularly, and attending home school group meetings.  Ava is starting to talk about doing dance classes with one of her friends, too.  Before I know it, I’ll be shopping for personalized dance duffles too!  Eeek!  This year is shaping up to be even busier than last year!

Ava is doing really well in her piano lessons and Kelvin is raring to go with starting his this fall.  I can’t help but think that before we know it, they’ll be asking to play other instruments as well.  And with four kids, that’s practically enough to start a band!  Who knows, we might blink and suddenly we’ll be shopping for guitars and accessories like vox ac15 ! I would love to learn to play the guitar, so one can hope, right?!

Our old dishwasher finally bit the dust.  And by old, I mean 3 years old.  It was kind of a lemon.

Anyway, LUCKILY, it waited until after Ava/Carter/Kaylee’s birthday party on Sunday to die.  Can you imagine the extra stress if it had died right before the party?

So we got to do some dishwasher shopping this week.  I had a few things that were non-negotiable…it had to have a sanitize setting, it had to have the controls on top instead of in front, it had to have drawer sliders ( read more here ) to keep glasses from tipping over and breaking when we push the shelves in, and it couldn’t be black.  We ended up finding a Bosch that we really liked that had even more bells and whistles than I was hoping for.

It was delivered today and Chad installed it, so here’s hoping that we love it!

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