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It is definitely one of my hopes that all 4 of the kids will learn to play a different musical instrument so that we can have our own little family band going.  If we team up with all of my siblings, we might even have enough instruments and people for pyware software to create our own marching drills.  I  had no idea this kind of program even existed, but I think it’s super cool and comes with tons of awesome features to create drill designs for smaller schools!

Where has 2015 gone?!  We’ve been so busy with home schooling and traveling that 2015 has just been a blur!  We took a ton of trips this year to make up for the ones we couldn’t take while I was pregnant with Kaylee.  It’s been fun, but we’re a little traveled-out and glad that we made the rule long ago that we won’t travel in the winter time!

Kaylee is 16 months old, but still acting very much like an infant.  She’s taken a few steps, but has no interest in walking.  And she’s a tiny little thing too.  She’s only 22 pounds which is as big as Ava was at a year, Kelvin was at 7 months and Carter was at 9 months!

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