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Why do instruments have to be so expensive?  Since two of our kids are now playing the piano, I’m starting to think about their next musical steps.  I can’t believe the cost involved!  Lessons, instruments, music, accessories, etc.!  Whew!

One way to offset the cost a bit is to buy used instruments.  I hope one of the kids will play the guitar, so I especially have my eye on guitar center used . If I knew one would want to play it, I’d buy one now! LOL

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am so ready for spring!

It’s only the end of January, but it has already been a long winter.  We had my brother and his family visiting last week, which was awesome to break up the monotony, but now we’re back to the grind with school and business and everything else.  Just two more months until summer.  I can do that, right?!

I’m always on the lookout for good gift ideas.  I literally have the hardest time coming up with good gifts for the special people in my life, so when I run across something that makes me think of a certain person, I usually scoop it up before I forget!

If you like to do the same, you might want to check out these masonic rings from Joy Jewelers !  If you know someone who has any ties to the Masons, these rings would make an amazing gift for them…one they will use each and every day and that will have lots of sentimental value for them.

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