Does anyone else feel like February is just the month that will not end?  We breezed through the beginning of winter unscathed, but this month will be our undoing.

We have been on lockdown because we were exposed to whooping cough, and Kaylee now has a cough.  She’s been treated with antibiotics, but they’re disgusting and she pukes every time I give them to her.  Despite that, it seemed like she was getting better but today she definitely got worse.  It is still NOTHING like our whooping cough incident a few years ago (she doesn’t even whoop or anything, it’s just a “normal” cough), but because of not wanting to infect anyone else, we’ve been trapped in the house for about a month.

Add in other health issues, car issues, and CABIN FEVER, and I just don’t feel like February will ever end.  This week has definitely been the worst so far.  It’s Wednesday and we haven’t even finished Monday’s school yet.  We’ve had a TON of doctor appointments this week, but still.  My motivation is GONE.  🙁

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