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Last year, around this time I bought a Boba 3G baby carrier.  I was apprehensive at the time.  It was a big investment, and what if we didn’t like it?

I shouldn’t have worried.  I loved it then and I still love it now.  I have an even deeper appreciation for it after today.

This morning, the kids and I braved the pre-holiday crazies and went to Walmart.  I accidentally forgot the Boba in the van.  Instead of going back for it, I figured we’d be fine and just put Carter in the seat of the cart.

It wasn’t long before he was trying to stand up, bothering Kelvin who was in the basket part of the cart, and trying to climb into the basket part.  Finally I put him in the basket with Kelvin and that wasn’t any better.  They were wrestling, Carter was grabbing stuff and chucking it out of the cart (I ended up not buying my face wash, which I didn’t realize until we got home) and being a little terror.

But when I have him in the Boba, he’s a perfect little angel during shopping trips.  I definitely won’t be making that mistake again….Boba for life!!  Just kidding…kind of.

I’ve had a variety of baby carriers over the years.  I’ve used them all for out-and-about situations, as well as getting a thing or two done around the house.  However, Carter is a high needs baby who insists on being held ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  This was easier to accommodate with the other two kids, but with him being the third baby, and having two preschoolers who are constantly on the go, I needed a solution.  (By the way, I know that was a ridiculously grammatically incorrect, run-on sentence, but I’m tired.  Too tired to figure out how to fix it.)

Enter….the Boba 3G!

It cost more than I usually spend on baby carriers, but oh so worth it.  I absolutely love it.  It’s comfortable for Carter and me, it’s high-backed so that I don’t always have to have a hand on him, and best of all, he’s HAPPY in it!  See?

It’s actually so comfortable that after I put him in it and started walking into a store the other day, I thought, “Wow, this is so light.  I did remember to put him in it, didn’t I?”  And that’s saying something, because this baby is anything but light….he’s up to 20 lbs, 5 ounces now!

And Chad even wears him in it!



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