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It sure has been quiet over here in my corner of the blogosphere.  In case you were wondering why, it’s because as soon as I got taken off of bedrest for my subchorionic hemorrhage (which is not resolved yet), we came down with whooping cough.

Carter and I came down with it first and the big kids followed a couple of weeks later.  Chad is the only one who has still not shown any symptoms.  At this point, I think he just might get lucky and escape it!

The kids and I just finished our 5 days of antibiotics, which supposedly means we’re not contagious anymore.  I’m not sure I believe it, though.  We all still feel awful and I’m pretty certain I cracked a rib last night because the coughing fits were so bad (I wish I were exaggerating or blowing it out of proportion).  I’ve definitely had it the worst and I think it’s because I’m also pregnant.  I’ve been vomiting at least once a day from coughing so hard…sometimes after every meal or snack.  Carter has vomited a few times (mostly at night) and the big kids haven’t vomited at all.  I think the big kids got their antibiotics soon enough that it probably won’t get super bad for them.  They probably still will be coughing for a long time to come, though.  It’s called the 100-day cough for a reason.

So that’s why it’s been quiet here.  We’ve been staying home all the time because of course we don’t want to share our germs, but with three kids with cabin-fever, that certainly doesn’t equate to extra blogging time for Mommy!

I love it when I catch little moments like this between the kids.  Kelvin had the tablet on his lap and Carter crawled up beside him to see what he was doing.  Pretty soon Kelvin had his arm around his baby brother and they were watching a show on Netflix together.  It was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

I’m not sure whether to thank Daniel Tiger for Carter’s recent interest in the potty….or not.  I’ve never had a child interested in the potty at this age (he’s 18 months), so potty training is not even on my radar.  And to be totally honest, diapers are just easier with a child this young.  The fact that we use cloth means that continuing to diaper him is free, too!

But still, every time he hears, “When you have to go potty, stop and go right away”, he runs for his little potty seat, strips off his pants and plops down.  Then when he’s done, he has to “flush and wash and be on [his] way.”  Oy!  So not ready for this yet!

My kids definitely were not blessed with fast-growing hair.  All of them had little more than peach fuzz for the first 2+ years of their life.

I didn’t think Carter’s had been growing much at all, but then this picture from August popped up on my Google +:

And this was him yesterday “straightening his hair”:

So even though I hadn’t noticed until I saw the picture from five months ago, his hair is definitely growing…slowly but surely!

This picture gives new meaning to the word “multi-tasking”, doesn’t it?

Don’t let him fool you.  Carter is nowhere near potty-training, but he likes copying people, so he stripped his pants off and plopped down on the little potty.  Then he happened to notice my straightener sitting nearby and grabbed it and decided to straighten his hair while he was on the toilet.

Even I’m not brave enough to multi-task that much!

Sometimes when the whether is freezing outside and it’s way too cold to start thinking about playsets raleigh nc , the kids get a bit of cabin fever.  Want to know what’s in that box?  Ava!  She saw the big box and climbed inside and asked me to close it on her.  Carter was watching the whole time, and as soon as it was closed, he hopped on top of it so that she couldn’t get out!  I guess that’s one way to stay entertained on cabin-fever days!

You wouldn’t know it now, since we’re expecting a wind chill of -14 degrees on Thursday, but we had a beautiful 64 degree day on Sunday!  In January!  It was awesome, so we headed to the park.

I didn’t even notice they were sitting exactly the same way until later!

Carter spent a ton of time on the swings.  He loves them!

Playing in the whale’s mouth.

The big kids did a little swinging as we were leaving, too.  This is the only picture I got of them, because the big kids went one way with Chad and Carter dragged me the other way.

Nothing beats spending the day at the park in the middle of January!

You may think this is just a picture of my adorable little guy.  But there’s more to this story…

I took him in this morning to get his 18-month pictures done.  The stubborn little man absolutely refused to sit and smile for the camera!  He would scream if I got even a foot away from him.  Finally, we decided to take a break and let him play with this duplo table they had in the waiting area.

When we tried again, we gave him a ball and had him throw it to me and then the photographer would snap a picture right after he threw it.  It worked pretty well and I got a few good ones of him, which was all I really needed.

I’ll post them soon!

Here’s a little bit of advice.  Before introducing a TV show to your toddler that they’re likely to get hooked on, make sure there’s more than one season of that show.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an adorable show and all, but Netflix only has one season and I can practically recite every episode.  Carter regularly refuses to go to sleep at night, so he hangs out with me on the couch while I get work done and he watches Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  It is hands-down his favorite show! But I would pretty much rather listen to anything from djs in raleigh nc or anything!  Practically anything would beat having “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away” running on a loop through my head!

With Carter’s speech issues (that are pretty much resolved now), we started teaching him some baby sign language.  He’s done pretty well with copying us when we would do signs.  Tonight was his first time doing one on his own with no prompting!

He handed me his bowl so I could refill it with Cheerio’s.  I said, “You want more?” and he signed more!  I was so surprised and proud of him!  He then proceeded to start clapping for himself!  It was adorable!  🙂

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