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Most people think of bland, unseasoned food for babies.  Those foods are best to start with, but I’d always assumed that I should wait to start “people food” (haha) until my babies were over a year.  Carter is proving me wrong, though!  A month or so ago, he decided he loved cauliflower rice.  I seasoned it quite a bit, so I was surprised.

I was really surprised today, though!  I made leek soup and since it’s a smooth soup, I gave Carter a taste.  I didn’t expect him to like it because I seasoned it pretty heavily.  But he loved it!  He finished my entire bowl (and there was quite a bit left).  The soup had some dairy in it (I had made a roux to thicken it up a bit), and he’s OK with dairy now, but I’d still prefer to avoid it for the most part until he’s over a year.  So after dinner I made him his own pot of soup that’s dairy-free (I used olive oil instead of butter to sautee the leeks and garlic, and didn’t make a roux).  I gave him a taste and he still loved it, so I put a bowl in the fridge for him to eat tomorrow and froze the rest in ice cube trays to heat up in the days ahead.

I’m looking forward to adding this to the rotation of homemade baby food I already have stashed in the freezer.  It’s so nice (especially on days when we want to get out because it’s actually warm enough to think about needing pool heat pumps ) to have food in the freezer that I can get out to thaw in the morning and feed to him later in the day.

Side note…I’m also looking into getting some reusable squeezable food bags for him because he LOVES the disposable ones.  More on that later…

Little Bean has started developing a little more of a routine.  Some of that is good, like taking a long-ish nap in the middle of the day.  Some of it is not, like waking up at 1 every morning and talking/cooing/purring at us for an hour.

But afternoon snack time is a mommy-approved addition to his routine.  While I’m doing school with the kids, he sits in his high chair and has Gerber puffs.  I bought him some other Gerber snacks today too.  In the picture he is trying out a Banana Cream flavored Waffle Wheel.  We may stick with puffs for awhile, though….he was able to get some pretty big bites off of the waffle wheel and I had to fish them out of his mouth before he gagged on them.  I also bought some bananas and avocado’s for him to try self-feeding, so I’m going to let him try those after they ripen.

Tiny Man started eating baby food on my birthday (Dec. 27).  I know it’s recommended to wait until 6 months to start baby food now, but I figured that he would have been 6 months that day if he had been born on his due date.  So it was close enough.  Plus, the boy is the size of a 1-year-old!

I started him out with homemade carrot puree and then moved on to a homemade pea puree a few days later.  He didn’t love either one.  He would only take a couple bites each time I fed him.  One night, I ran out of time to thaw his food, so I gave him a jar of baby food and he slurped it down.  I figured he liked the texture of jarred baby food better, so I fed it to him for a few days and then moved him back to homemade baby food and he’s doing great with either one now.  I think he just needed time to figure out what to do with food!

Now he eats carrots, peas, squash (he LOVES squash), apples, pears and bananas.  So far, he doesn’t dislike anything he’s tried, but he still doesn’t love homemade peas.  I think he just likes the smoother texture of jarred peas better….it’s hard to get homemade purees 100% smooth.  He eats solids twice a day at this point (breakfast and dinner).  Not sure when we’ll add in lunch too, but since he’s still nursing a ton, it isn’t a big deal right now.

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