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One of the advantages of being on “couch rest” is that I have a little extra time for working on projects that could otherwise get neglected.  Not a ton of extra time, because hello.  Three kids who make “couch rest” super hard.

One of the projects I was able to finish was Ava’s Hudson Hat!  It’s completely done except the pom poms for the top and ties that my grandma is sending us.  Even if there isn’t any more super cold weather this year (here’s hoping), it has plenty of growing room, so she’ll still be able to wear it in upcoming winters.

Two more hats to go!  I need to do Carter’s and then I’m going to do one for the baby too, when we find out the gender.  And let’s face it, if it’s a girl, we may need a few good bankruptcy lawyers . I’ve already been drooling over all the girly yarn and clothes!

A few weeks ago, I made a hooded bath towel for Carter.  I can tell that my creative confidence is growing, because I bought Ava and Kelvin’s hooded towels when they were babies and didn’t even think about making them myself.  I couldn’t believe how inexpensive and easy it was, though!  I did need a tiny bit of help from Chad, figuring out how to fold the hooded part (I’m sleep deprived, OK?!).  I definitely won’t be designing a wholesale flyer to offer my hooded-towel making services anytime soon, but I’m happy with it.

When we go up to WI next, I’m going to use my Grandma’s embroidery machine to embroider his name on the hood….and then it will be just about perfect!


Since Carter arrived well after his due date, I had several weeks of anxious waiting beforehand.  (Side note: whoever says that each baby comes sooner than the last?  So not right!  Every pregnancy gets longer for me!) While I was wishing I could be spending the last few weeks of the pregnancy in beach house rentals , that just wasn’t part of the plan, so after my grandma got here, we tackled a few projects.

This was one of them…

Angry Birds!

This was one project that I’d wanted to do for quite awhile….since last winter, actually.  I had bought the supplies and everything, I just hadn’t found the time to sew them.  Once I made these, I was actually glad I had waited.  It would have taken me FOREVER if I hadn’t had my grandma here to help me.  The pattern was a little unclear in some spots and there was a lot of hand sewing, and my grandma was able to help in both those areas.

I think they turned out really cute, but I definitely will not be making them again.  They were a lot of work and by the time I got to the last ones, I was pretty frustrated!

The Angry Birds was one project I’d had


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