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Usually when I serve watermelon, I cut it into slices and then cube it and put it in a bowl.  This summer I found a way to serve watermelon that we like even better! 

I make watermelon fingers!  I simply cut the watermelon in half and turn one half so that the flat side is down on the cutting board.  Then I cut the entire half into 1-inch slices, turn it 90 degrees and cut 1-inch slices again.

I toss the edge slices that have no pink on them.  If there are a few that have a little bit of pink, I cut the pink part off and save it in a Tupperware container for smoothies.

Then I arrange it in a few big bowls, cover it with plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator.

This is definitely our new favorite way to eat watermelon.  It’s faster to cut, easier to eat, and more “accessible”.  When I cube a whole watermelon, we have to get out a bowl, a serving spoon, a fork to eat it with, etc. (First world problems, amirite?)  When I keep a few big bowls of watermelon fingers in the fridge, people can just reach in, grab one and eat it with no mess!

Watermelon fingers work for me!

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With three small children, our house can go to from clean-ish to pigsty pretty quickly.  The culprit?  Clutter!  Get rid of the clutter, and a “dirty” house looks a lot better immediately.  Not only that, it makes it much easier to do actual cleaning like dusting and scrubbing when you don’t have to move piles of stuff that are out of place.

For us, most of our clutter comes from the kids bringing down stuff from their rooms upstairs.  Also, our school stuff that we don’t use everyday is stored upstairs, so there are always a few things that need to be brought back up to the storage room after we’re done using them.  I’ll often make piles of stuff in each room that needs to be brought back upstairs next time I go, but I’m almost always carrying a 23-pound baby up the stairs with me, which makes it a bit difficult.

But I’ve come up with a solution.  I take a laundry basket through the downstairs and throw in everything that needs to be taken upstairs.  Then I can take it upstairs all at once.  Once it’s all rounded up, I can sort everything into piles according to which room it goes in, and put it all away at once.

Incidentally, this technique also comes in handy when you’re about to have unexpected company!  Don’t ask me how I know.


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