It’s no secret to anyone who reads even a few posts here that I think it will be cool if one of the kids learns to play the guitar someday (and then teaches me!).  I know it’s an expensive instrument to start up…..there’s the guitar to buy, the music, the accessories, the great thomastik guitar strings , the case, etc.  But I think it will be money well-spent because it’s such a neat instrument!

It’s been fun watching the Olympics with the kids now that they’re old enough to enjoy it.  They still might be a bit young, though…this is what happened during the Opening Ceremony:

They have been enjoying the “ice dancing” (figure skating) and the snowboarding, but everything else kind of goes over their heads.  I can’t blame them, though…some of it goes over my head, too!  LOL

Add the xylophone at guitar center to the rather long list of instruments I think it would absolutely awesome if my kids would learn to play.  I think that would be such a fun instrument to help them with and listen to them practice.  And maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I think it would be fairly simple to learn, too.  Hopefully someday we’ll get to find out!

12 weeks, 1 day

I had another doctor appointment this morning. I got to hear our little Squirt’s heartbeat again, but no ultrasound.   I was really hoping for one so I can see what the hemorrhage is doing, but I don’t get another one for another 4 weeks (and then another one 4 weeks after that).  But I go back in two weeks to check the heartbeat again (and my doctor said if I’m feeling anxious about it next week, to call and he’ll check it next week too). It’s still being treated as a threatened miscarriage. When I asked what my chances are, he said he usually tells people 50/50, but since the baby has hung on so long so far, he thinks my chances are a little better than that.  Not exactly what I was hoping to hear.  I was thinking my chances were around 90% or so.

And finally, I’ve been released from my “strict couch rest” and he just said to use common sense and listen to my body.


Since the kids are inching closer to the age when they’ll start taking up musical instruments, it’s probably about time for Chad and I to head down to the basement and see what we musical supplies we have leftover from our flute-playing days.  I know we have quite a bit of music, at least one metronome, and at least one proline music stand, maybe two.  It will be interesting to see what else is down there!

Yesterday, this gorgeous bouquet was delivered to my door!  My mom sent these flowers to brighten up my living room while I’m stuck on the couch, trying to take it easy.  You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to just sit on the couch as much as possible, but it certainly isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!  It’s really nice to have this little taste of spring sitting right across from the couch that I spend as much time as possible on.  And they smell awesome, too!  I can smell them every time I walk through the room.

Thanks for the pick-me-up, Mom!

I can’t wait until it’s time for the kiddo’s to start learning to play instruments other than the piano.  Have I mentioned how much I hope one of them pick the guitar?  How awesome would that be?  Who cares that I’d be pricing and buying Elixir guitar strings for the rest of time. It would be so worth it!  Maybe I can even convince them to teach me to play, too.

Today, we had high’s in the 60′s!  For February, we were pretty thrilled with that!  It melted all of the remnants of our 12-inch snowstorm from a couple weeks ago.

We threw open the windows and took the kids outside for the afternoon (even though I’m supposed to be on couch rest….I did sit most of the time I was outside, though).

I could definitely get used to this weather.  Unfortunately, we have thunder storms coming tomorrow and the possibility for a tiny bit of snow on Thursday.  Then the temps will swing back up to the 50′s, only to drop back down to the 30′s a few days later.  The weather is bipolar, I’m telling you!

One of the advantages of being on “couch rest” is that I have a little extra time for working on projects that could otherwise get neglected.  Not a ton of extra time, because hello.  Three kids who make “couch rest” super hard.

One of the projects I was able to finish was Ava’s Hudson Hat!  It’s completely done except the pom poms for the top and ties that my grandma is sending us.  Even if there isn’t any more super cold weather this year (here’s hoping), it has plenty of growing room, so she’ll still be able to wear it in upcoming winters.

Two more hats to go!  I need to do Carter’s and then I’m going to do one for the baby too, when we find out the gender.  And let’s face it, if it’s a girl, we may need a few good bankruptcy lawyers . I’ve already been drooling over all the girly yarn and clothes!

Have you ever imagined how hard it would be to be on “restricted activity” with three other children?  Especially when one is a high maintenance 19-month-old?  It’s HARD!

Basically, I’m not on bedrest, but that’s what I’m shooting for.  Because when I fall miserably short, I think I’m falling right about where I’m supposed to be.  I camp out on the couch as much as I can most of the day, we watch way too much Disney Channel, we do school on the couch, we read books, etc.  That’s what my days look like right now.  This afternoon, though, I cheated and got up when I didn’t *have* to, so that I could wax my eyebrows.  That’s how bored I was.  I hate waxing them and hadn’t done it in months, but suddenly I just *had* to!  LOL