Ava – 8 years, Kelvin – 6 years, Carter – 2 years, Kaylee – 7 months

I was just lucky that all four of them were looking at the camera!  I couldn’t really expect them all to be smiling too, could I?

I love this picture because it really shows each of their personalities.

These were their runner-up outfits…they have matching ones that they’re going to wear tomorrow and I’ll be sure to get more pictures!

Oh man, I forgot how bad teething is!  I got spoiled with Carter because he was a super-easy teether.  Kaylee, not so much.

She is having such a time cutting her bottom two teeth.  We’ve been using tons of teethers, teething tablets, and teething oil.  We usually use Tylenol at night, too.  I just hope those teeth pop through soon, because no one is sleeping or anything.  I can’t even remember the last time I used these razors (or any others) to shave my legs!  I’m just lucky to have been able to shower, with this little screamer!

Hopefully our happy baby will be back very soon, in time for our Disney trip in a few weeks!

We are in the middle of January, and we just spent the day at the park in light sweatshirts!!  It was about 67 degrees today, so we decided to forget about our school work and get outside and enjoy it!  It’s only going to last until Wednesday, and then it will be back to more seasonable temperatures…so we can catch up on school when it’s cold out and we’re stuck in the house anyway!!

Tomorrow, we’re off to the doctor because Carter fell last week and we thought he might have messed up his foot, but he was complaining about it (he was obviously limping, though).  Today, he fell at the park and the limp is much worse, so I definitely want to get it checked out and make sure he’s OK.  I doubt anything is broken, since he doesn’t complain about it or even wince when we move it, but I hope they can figure out what’s wrong and fix it!

I still remember when my brother got his first drum set ….oh, the noise!  Kelvin is starting to make noises about wanting to play the drums after he has a good foundation with piano (that’s my requirement before they learn another instrument…he couldn’t care less!).  We already have a noisy, chaotic house, I can only imagine how much noisier and more chaotic it’s going to be once he starts learning to play to the drums!  I’d better start stockpiling the ear plugs now, or else my sanity will be on the line!


Kaylee turned 4 months old on December 9th!  I can’t believe she’s 4 months old already, especially since she still seems like she’s barely out of the newborn stage.  I think it’s mainly because she was born at 36 weeks…she’s just a little late at hitting milestones.  She’s smiling a ton and she just started laughing, but she’s not really interested in toys or playing yet.  I’m sure it will come in the next month or so.

She had her 4-month appointment yesterday and she is about 15 pounds and is 24 inches long.  The little chunk has more-than-doubled her birth weight!

Life around these parts has been absolutely crazy.  Do you know how hard it is to keep it together when you have two night-owl kids and two early-bird kids?  I do!  I never get a second to myself and it’s been insane!

We have been doing school for about a month now and I think we have a pretty good routine going finally.  I’m still thinking about changing some of our curriculum because it just isn’t working for us, but we’ll see.  I’m not making a decision about it until after we get back from Thanksgiving.  Speaking of that, I have about a million things to do before we leave tomorrow.  Ava’s holding Kaylee for me right now, so I really need to move!

One of my kids’ favorite things to do is to put on concerts for us.  They’ll grab their toy musical instruments, use a foam sword as a microphone and sing their hearts out.  Maybe someday I should get them an apogee mic to add to their little show, but for now, they’re loud enough!  I can only imagine the noise with a real microphone instead of a foam sword!

Kaylee had her 2-month checkup today and she is 12 pounds, 5 ounces and 22 inches long!  The little girl is chunking out!  She is in the 78th percentile for weight and the 50th for weight, so she’s a chunky little shorty!  LOL  We also found out she has ridiculously small nasal passages.  She is also snorting and I thought it was from congestion, but nope!  Hopefully they grow soon, because she sounds like a little piglet!  LOL

This Friday, I’m going to teach Ava’s first piano lesson!  I’m so excited to start teaching my kids to have a love for music.  Piano will be their foundation and who knows where they’ll go from there?  Maybe they’ll learn to play the trumpet, the guitar, a woodwind brasswind , or something else altogether?  I kind of hope they want to learn the flute because I can teach them that in addition to piano.

Today was the first day of our 2014-2015 school year.  Ordinarily, we would have started earlier, but with Kaylee’s birth at the beginning of August and our trip to Branson at the beginning of October, I decided to wait until we got home to start.  We’ll end up doing school into the summer next year, but it will be fine.

This year, Ava is in second grade and Kelvin is in first grade.  Add a toddler and a newborn to that, and you have a recipe for chaos!  It was chaos this morning, and Kaylee even slept until 11:30 am!  I can’t imagine how chaotic tomorrow will be when she doesn’t sleep in (she rarely does).  It will certainly be an interesting year!